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19 November 2005

Swing Back, Ameica!

Democrat Congressman J. Murtha, who is Vietnam veteran and voted for invasion of Iraq spoke out on PBS and said the US troops should withdraw from Iraq in 6 months. He claimed the war was wrong.

He looked so desperate and passionate about this issue.

One Japanese video journalist named Jimbo Tetsuo, who got Master's degree of Journalism at Columbia University said that America always has the power to swing back even when things go wrong too far. Mr. Murtha proved that.

In contrary, our society is less powerful to swing back because we don't have so many people who have courage to do the right thing no matter how opposition is strong. Unlike America, Japanese are group oriented and do not respect other's individualism.

Please swing back, America. You can do that.


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Of course the war was wrong. Nothing good will come out of it. Yes Saddam is gone, but Iraq turned worse. Violence is all over nad had cost a lot of lives. Should America and its allies insists on rehabilitating Iraq, then I guess expect a lot of dead bodies in the coming days.

Posted by: Online Wong PoKér Hu | 24 November 2005

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