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02 July 2024

Dear Cairo University

To Admission Office and those responsible for the university’s alumni’s academic records,


السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎  Assalamu Alaikum

My name is MASAGATA, a Japanese man living in Tokyo.

I work as a translator between English and Japanese.


I am writing this letter to urge Cairo University to release the fact regarding the current Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike’s academic record in the university. Just simple fact, did she graduate from the university obtaining Bachelor's degree of Cairo University?


This week Tokyo is in the election campaign for this coming Sunday’s gubernatorial election. The incumbent governor, Yuriko Koike has served 2 terms for last 8 years. She is aiming to be reelected for her third term.


The problem arose as soon as her third candidacy was expected. That was actually been discussed last election as well. Whether Koike graduated from Cairo University or not.


According to her profile, she graduated from the university in October 1976. She has already disclosed her diploma issued by the university.


The election bulletin printouts distributed to Tokyo residents, say Koike graduated from Cairo University. That is public announcement to the voters. That must be true. 


In June 2020, Embassy of Egypt in Tokyo posted the statement from the president of Cairo University that claims she did graduate from the university on its facebook page. So her graduation seemed already proven.  


But last April, her former close aide, Mr. Kojima, lawyer testified that the statement by Cairo University president was set up to cover up her inability to show the genuine record of the graduation.


Kojima later submitted a proposal of indictment of her falsifying the academic record to Tokyo District Attorney Office. It is illegal in Japan to falsify the candidate’s profile when running candidacy in public elections.  


Her academic record has been suspected for a long time since her debut as a politician 30 years ago. Before she became Tokyo governor, she was a member of Japan’s Parliament and Cabinet member.


Some media outlets have already inquired the university about her academic career. Then the answer was yes, she did.


But they’ve got no hard evidence. Kojima suggested her graduation record can be easily denied by attributing to personnel’s errors, telling someone did it without instruction from the admission office.  


The only hard evidence is Koike’s own diploma issued by Cairo University but the diploma has a significant error, which is misaddressing her gender as it is read “Mister Koike” instead of “Miss Koike.”


She could have noticed the error and ask the admission office to reprint the diploma but she never did.


Recently her former roommate in Cairo during her college days and her former sponsor who backed her attendance in the university claimed she never graduated but quit halfway because of her poor grades and she failed to elevate to senior level for graduation.


Since the suspicion arose as the election nears. It is rumored that the university knew the fact but not disclosing it to blackmail Koike to get subsidy or finances from Japan or Tokyo governments. In fact Cairo University has already received 300 million US$ or Euro worth subsidies or finances from Tokyo during her terms.


She is also said to be blackmailed by her political rivals within the Tokyo city assembly members for her secrecy. In her first term, she was not aligned with pro-development politicians but now she supports controversial development of very traditional greenery area of Tokyo, which met the citizens’ opposition.


In addition, the rumor is spread that Cairo University is part of corrupt and authoritarian regime so the university could issue diploma to anybody without adequate qualification.

So as long as she is useful, the university keeps on hiding the truth and blackmailing her to get benefits from Japan, the rumor says.

The rumor in fact, sounds offensive to the university and the nation of Egypt, doesn’t it.  

But if the rumor is true, that's intereference with Japan's national sovereignty. 


More and more Japanese are suspicious of the Egyptian government and people. That is a very sad thing.


I, myself have been to Egypt and was very positively impressed by Pyramids and other ancient ruins as you look Album on this blog.


Your image has been diluted by Koike’s unproven academic record.


Although such suspicion has arisen, she is expected to win the election due to her popularity among the citizens. But the rumor of her falsifying academic record can hardly disappear even after the election.


Tokyo District Attorney Office may inquire the university about her academic record. Can you do the same response to the attorneys as Japanese journalists?


If Koike did graduate, it is time to release the certificate officially issued by Cairo University so that everyone can be convinced. Sooner the better, before the election date, 7 of July 2024, only a few days are left.


If not, Cairo University must state that she did not clearly, immediately before the election date. Otherwise, this fact might be revealed anyway later. In that case, Koike has to lose her job as well as facing criminal charges.

If that happens, we would have to feel very much betrayed by Egypt so our friendship would be severely deteriorated because of the fact that the university supports her false academic record to deceive Japanese voters.

Cairo University would be known to conspire with her. You deceive Japanese!

In the future, Cairo University would never be considered the legitimate institution and the university honour will be destroyed.


Is this what you want?

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31 July 2023

French film: "SIMONE, Woman of the Century, We're living in a better world!

I just saw the film at a small theatre in Tokyo. 

history, feminism, Women

It was a biopic about the French politician who lived through holocaust and after the war became a lawyer and the minister of French government and became the first female president of European Union assembly. 

She helped promote women's rights by legalisation of abortion in France, 1970's. She contributed to improvement of prisoners' condition. Why was she so enthusiastic about human rights issues? 

The film started with her childhood in Nice with her family living in a happy condition before the second world war. Her family were Jews and believed France would never betray them. 

But later her family were arrested by German Gestapo. She, 16-year-old, her sister and mother were deported to Auschwitz. Her brother and father were thought to be executed. The three survived in Auschwitz but they were deported again, and then her mother died in other concentration camp.  

After the war, Simone married a man and gave birth to three children studying at a law school in Paris. But she had been traumatized by her experience in the holocaust and couldn't sleep on a bed. Even after the war, she could not tell others about her horrible experience during the war. 

But such experiences motivated her to help others in the world. In her old age, she came back to Auschwitz on 60th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz. She spoke and wrote all about her experience. She insisted that Europe should get united so no more war happens. Surprisingly she had lived in Germany after the war. 

The film taught us it is the responsibility of living people to make the world better place and right the wrongs. Indeed, we are living in a better world, at least much better than what she experienced. 

I, myself have visited Auschwitz in Poland, and learnt what happened there. 

history, feminism, Women, holocaust

Such history should never be repeated. I felt it is MY responsibility not to let such horrible events happen again.  

Sadly, it is happening and very hard to stop that. 

24 December 2021

Christmas is after all "White" Christmas?

This "White" does not mean snow. 

Christmas is in fact originated in the western civilisation as part of ritual of Christianity to commemorate its founder's birthday. 

In Japan Christianity was introduced in 15the century. But it had been banned between 17th and late 19 th century by the feudal authorities. The Japanese authorities at that time feared the influence of western imperialism. 

Now Christmas is considered to be a kind of annual festival. No one really cares what it really means except only 1% of population who are baptised. In the city illuminations and decorations appear everywhere because it is a big chance to sell goods and services. 


Because it is western religion it was not spread and widely accepted as a faith. Japan has been predominanty Shinto and Buddhist nation since ancient time. 

I am Christian and Catholic. But I also worship Buddha and Shinto deities. 

That is typical Japanese way of dealing with religions. 

Recently Christianity scares me due to the issues such as abortion, LGBTQ, and wars related to the religion. 

Christianity seems very exclusive religion which denies other lifestyles. 

Christianity may be a symbol of white supremacy. 

But I don't know so much of the religion and other religions as well. 

I will learn more about these and figure out what they are. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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30 November 2021

A French woman I fell in love with

I recently fell in love with a French woman working at a food and sweet shop nearby. 

She was very pretty not just appearance but mind of her. 

How I found her mind was so beautiful was this question I asked her in French when I stopped by the shop she worked for. 

"Les Français détestent les Allemands?" 

She replied in Japanese. "Not true. We hate Hitler but that does not mean we hate all Germans." 


Later another time I met her, I asked her what she thought about a Japanese man who married a French man.

She answered saying "It doesn't matter. My friend does. That is common in France." 

Then I loved her more. 

But she does not work at the shop any longer. 

That was really a good experience anyway. 

I think I will learn French as my third language. 


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