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14 March 2006

"Peaceful Tomorrows"

This is name of the organization established by families who lost their loved ones in September 11 Attack.

I learned about them by the documentary program of Japanese public broadcasting organization. I was very surprised to know there are people like them in U.S. They were against the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of their activities, they were harrassed by the public. But they never stopped insisting on their opinions.

They say they feel sorrow and agony by the terror attack but that is why they were against US attacks on innocent civilians in the name of their loved ones.

I am really relieved to know America is still healthy. America has been in fact like 1930's Germany and Japan since 911 attack. But not all of Americans were like that. Peaceful tomorrows people, Jack Murtha and recent movie "Syriana" proved that.

If you are interested in them, please visit September Eleventh Families' for Peaceful Tomorrows.

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