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06 July 2006

Famous Japenese Businessman's scandal

 Takafumi Horie, commonly known as Horiemon, enjoyed popularity in the media until last year as a hero of the times. With an unveiling of realities of business operations of Livedoor that he once managed, Horiemon is currently tumbling down the hill thrown in the midst of scandal. While criticism intensifies, surprisingly, there persist comments defending on his behalf. Could it be that many people, somewhere in the back of their heads, feel guilty criticizing Horiemon?   Advent of Horiemon had brought about an expectation that he may be the antithesis to rejuvenate social stagnation. This is precisely the reason why a climate rose to overlook some of his problematic behaviors, and in a sense, it has become impossible to stop him from going overboard.   Japanese youths have lost their energy. Due to the constraints put upon them by the older generation, they are not allowed to live freely and vivaciously. Elders, on the other hand, just complain about younger generation without providing any kind of advice. The elder generation conveys strong image of being stubborn, and contrary to expectation, they are ignorant and pigheaded.   Seeing this from the point of fostering athletes in Japan and other countries, the difference can be explained as difference between lawn fields, that is common in the US and European countries, to mud fields, that is common in Japan. The reason European players can exhibit dynamic plays in the soccer and rugby games is because they practice mostly on a lawn field. Lawn plays the role of a cushion, and even if a player should trip and fall, they will not be hurt so badly. On the other hand, if a player falls on a mud field, there will be clouds of dust and player is more likely to end up with injuries. So players would not be able to take on dynamic actions for the fear of possible injury.   The same situation exists in social realm. Unlike society with green lawn, outstanding human resources are difficult to breed in an intolerant society where damage is huge when failed thereby losing challenging spirits. This could be a cause of decline of a country. Could it be that many people are beginning to sense such crisis for the country? With the Horiemon uproar, there has been more and more of conservatives screaming for educational revision and to breed patriotism, but this would only make things worse. So what are they trying to do? Change mud fields into concrete field and stop youths from doing anything? This is also interrelated to decline of birthrate. In the present society, children cannot grow up healthily and freely. It is alright for them to take on challenge, but there will always be a fear that they may be bashed when failed. Raising children in such an environment causes more concern than financial circumstances. In a society like this, people will be better off to remain single and being carefree from marriage or family. With this, people feel less and less a part of a society and society not only loses all vitality but transforming into dangerously uncontrollable world. Ironically, Horiemon uproar may be sounding off a warning for this. It is truly the price we must pay for creating such an intolerant society.

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