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12 September 2006

Bush is misleading you, again

Five year have passed since 911.

 Again, your president is misleading you, guys.

 I read all of his speech transcript. As far as I read, he insists your country is good and free, helping other nations safer and freer.

Only evils are Islamic extremists.

Have you ever thought about why such terrorism came out to the world?

911 has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. Bush admits that, and then said that he attacked Hussein because he was a clear threat.

Hussein was found not having weapons of mass-destruction. He was no threat at the time the war started.

Using this rethoric, you can attack anybody if you think he is a threat. Bush is a big liar.

After the toppling of Sadam Hussein, what is happening in Iraq? The situation is in fact worse. The security is getting worse. Conflicts between religious sects intesified. You can't provide democracy unless a legitimate and widely trusted regime exists there.

 How many innocent lives were taken away in Iraq and Afghanistan after 911? Much more than 911 victims.

Terror attacks are still going on. The world is just getting more dangerous.   

Please cool down, Americans. Don't be misled by such a fool any more. He is just playing war games.

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