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08 February 2007

Our First Lady's Blog

Does your First Lady, Laura Bush has a blog?

Surprisingly our First Lady does have it. Please see this if you can read Japanese.

The title of the blog is Akie Abe's Smile Talk. I am neither her fan nor one for her husband, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

But I like her blog very much. The posts may be written by some kind of ghost writer.

But I still like this blog.

Well, you cannot believe how close you feel to your First Lady by the blog.

Last Monday she talked about her coming back home. She talked about her dog in her home.  

It seems she is a very kind lady. She visited facilities for street childeren in Phillipines and metally disables in Belguim.

First Lady should be a tough job as you can imagine how Laura Bush is. She has to smile all the time even when she is tired. You cannot believe such a busy woman is writing the blog, it is read nationwide.

 However, liking her blog and approving her husband's work are two different things. I do not support our prime minister.

In fact he may be out of the job soon. But even after he resigns, I would continue reading his wife's blog.


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