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04 May 2007

"Flags of Our Fathers" Can't believe Native American was one of the heroes

I rent the DVD of the film. It is one of Clint Eastwood's set of 2 films about Iwojima battles.

The story of surviving soldiers who raised the pole of the flag on the Iwojima Island during WW II.

I've already seen the other one at the theater last December. So I was not very much impressed by this film except one of the heronized soldiers was Native American whom they called "Indian" in those days.

 I could not believe the army, the government and even general public in those days treated him as a war hero. Even it was a time of racism. He was invited to the White House. He toured the whole nation to raise fund for the war.

Maybe because the war can make all races equal. The war can unite all races in America. Kind of a sad thing to know.


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