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07 March 2008

Dear Sea Shepherds and animal loving Americans!

Sea Shepherds came back again and attacked Japanese whaling fleets in Antartic Sea. This time Japanese marine patrol personnel shot at them.

I sent Sea Shepherds the following message by email. This is not only for marine hypocrit group but for animal loving Americans.


From a decent Japanese citizen,
Rather than spending so much money and energy on protecting whales in Antarctica, why don’t you try to protect Dugongs in Okinawa, Japan ’s southernmost island.
Dugong habitat is threatened by your country’s military and our country’s government. New US military base will be constructed near the habitat. San Francisco court ordered your military to review the construction plan due to the violation of the law effective in the U.S.
We normally don’t listen to the hysteric crusaders who want to force their own values on others like Christian missionaries who did that to native Americans. But as for the Dugong case in Okinawa , we would.
We’ve been so angered by your military that rape local women and now threaten the lives of most endangered and beautiful species on earth. Dolphins and whales, there are plenty of them swimming in the oceans. Dugongs are much more endangered.
P.S. Save innocent Iraqi lives being killed by your military! Or are they less important than lives of whales.
By the way, are Sea Shepherd members all vegetarian? Don’t eat cows, pigs and chickens if you think eating animals are so sin.


Did you know grazing cattles is deforesting Amazon forest?

Stop eating hambergers! Eat fish and whales and dophins. They don' t need glazed fields.

Be more smart and scientific rather than being hypocratic!

 P.S. If you are really animal rights activisits, stop Rodeo shows, it is hurting cute cows. Don' t say it is your culture! Some culture is not worth going on.

Dear Paikea,

Taking half an hour or 1 minute to kill doesn't make any difference. After all, we are all barbaric in order to survive. Even if you are vegetarian, even plants are living creatures and have emotions, and we are taking lives away from them. But they just stay still. What is arrogant is determine which creature is worth living based on cuteness, or how familiar they are to you. 

I don't care how we kill and eat animals because they are just resources to us. All we have to do is keep them sustainable. I don't criticize rodeo in Texas, chicken fighting in Southeast Asia or bullfighting in Spain. It is their cultures and their animals.

 Well, Asians should taste better than Caucasions because we are more like herbivorous mammals.


I agree with the things you are against. I'm against them to. But you seem to miss the point in our fight to stop Japan from whaling. That point is 'You cannot kill a Whale humanely, the method used causes up to 1/2 an hour of extreme suffering to these beautiful creatures. No animal, should suffer in this way. It is one of the many barbaric acts upon this world caused by the ignorant and greedy. Yes I eat meat. I kill my own, and they do not suffer, or else I wouldnt eat them. I have my spirit to think of. By the way thankyou for bringing some of your thoughts to my notice. Hopefully something can come of it. By the way what do you do in protecting the dugongs? All SSCS members activily fighting at sea eat totally vegetarian.

Posted by: paikea | 26 March 2008

[I don't care how we kill and eat animals because they are just resources to us. All we have to do is keep them sustainable. I don't criticize rodeo in Texas, chicken fighting in Southeast Asia or bullfighting in Spain. It is their cultures and their animals.]
These comments shows just how ignorant you are. Japan has never culturally commercially hunted whales, nor did they do so in the Antarctic. The commercial whale hunt started just after the 2nd world war due to japans food shortages. Causing deliberate pain to any creature is a sin and a violation against all intelligent civilized human beings, which by your comments you are obviously not. It was a cultural tradition of my people to eat asians, but as we learn and become more civilized we move on and drop traditions that are no longer compatible with our intelligence. Maybe I should bring back my peoples traditions and eat your children after killing them slowly and painfully, theyre only a resource after all so why should I care!!! But then I'd be a backward barbarian just like you. Move on, Build a bridge and jump off it. Deepest Regret at Knowing your Pathetic Neandrathal little mind Paikea

Posted by: Paikea | 18 April 2008

Americans eat beef from cows raised in the US. Although they aren't ALL treated well, a lot of farms DO treat them kindly.

US citizens aren't raising cows in South America.

Posted by: L | 06 May 2008

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