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24 May 2008

George Washington, Never, never come to Japan

Breaking News came up!

Nuclear aircraft carrier, CVN "George Washington" has caught a fire on the sea near South America. US Navy told the press it took hours to distinguish the fire. No damage on the nuclear reactor was reported. No affect on navigation. The navy will transport the ship to the Yokosuka city as scheduled.



Taking hours to distinguish the fire, this is very abnormal situation for the navy ship. We don't want such fragile and abnormal ship near us. Actually there is no need for that stupid ship in our country's security. As I mentioned in this article, the only reason US military stays in our country is cheaper cost by our tax.


The carrier will be deployed in Yokosuka, middle August and if an accident happens again! They will destroy our land. The ship will be the Third Atomic Bomb!


This is the end of US-Japan relationship.  

"George Washington" should not come! The ship will meet unwelcome atmosphere by Yokosuka citizens. This will expand anti-US sentiment all over Japan. The U.S. Navy will make most stupid choice in its history.

"Yankees, go home! Do not pollute our land and kill us in the name of "Defense.""


Answer to Pritcht,

The information you get all comes from the military.  Please see this video clip on You Tube.


To those Japs that are against a Nuclear Carrier...Are you men REALLY this neive...REALLY? Let me enlighten you Guys..(from an EDUCATED Yankee POV(point of View) )
1. Nuclear is NOT an Atomic Bomb...we are talking reactor.
I would suggest you guys do more research...
2. WHAT do you think your own Naval Subs have powering them?? HELLO!!
I would suggest you REALLY do mroe research Gents!!

Posted by: Pritch | 25 May 2008

Are the Japanese trying to brain wash their own people? We've had American bases in japan long before this war ever started with the Iraqis and the Afghans. So for you to say hat we are only there to go on deployments through Japan is a joke. We have bases strategically placed throughout the WORLD! That's why we are have such a high status politically throughout the world. I was on the ship when we caught fire and nobody was severely hurt, we all did our job and there was nothing wrong with the reactor. One more thing we aren't in Japan to hurt you guys. So just calm down, and maybe you should be the hard ass you portray yourself to be and join your military!

Posted by: Eric Elliott | 28 April 2009

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