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15 June 2008

Why he did that

Last Sunday, one news shocked Japan and even the world.

25 year old man drove into Tokyo's busiest square. It was holiday's pedestrians paradise area where anyone can get on the driving roads which are normally used only for automobiles. He ran over 3 people by rented truck and then stabbed 14 people on the square including a policeman. As a result 7 people were murdered.


He was typical kind of psychopath who would do such a thing just like other guys who committed the same kind of crimes like Virginia Tech University and Columbine High School. He has been frustrated with his status. He has been worried about losing his job which was very unstable temporary worker's status. He had no girlfriend or friends whom he could talk with about his problems. He wanted to show his anger to the society.

Many people want to analyze the cause of this mass-murder incident. But after all this guy was one of millions of frustrated citizens in Japan. This case shouldn't be treated as symbolic event that represents Japan's social issues.


Number of Japan's homicide cases of last year was record low in postwar era. Japan is still safe. Of course there are things we should change and cure to make this society better.  

The below photo is floral tribute stand on the corner of square which the incident occurred.



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