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08 January 2009

Iraq War Film "In the valley of Elah" Americans are PTSD patients

The film is based on a true story of murdered Iraq war soldier and his parents.

Tommy Lee Jones acted as young soldier's father who was informed that his son was AWOL.

He searched for his son nearby towns of the base he dissappeared and later learned that he was brutally murdered.

Who killed him? What caused them so mad?


It was thrilling and the theme was kind of common with "Two People," Vietnam war dessertor's story in early 1970's.

The U.S. repeats the same mistake. Why?

Well, that is common with any other country like my country, Japan. I saw the American documentary "Nanking."

Japanese imperial army mass-murdered many, many Chinese civilians. Actually that trauma still goes on in our society.

Conservative people try to whitewash the atrocities commited by Japanese military in Asia.

But the facts can never be cancelled. We all have to deal with it, which is a big burden.  The below is trailer of "In the valley of Elah."




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