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04 November 2009

Yakuza came to US to get a transplant surgery

One boss of Yakuza, Japanese organized crime mafia came to U.S. to get a transplant liver surgery at UCLA medical center.


According to the CBS 60 Minutes Report, FBI permitted him to enter the U.S. in exchange of information he has and UCLA is thought to have received huge money from him.

Sounds scary!

Watch CBS News Videos Online


As this report says Yakuzas are openly walking on the street in Japan. That is a difference from American mobs.

They are from oppressed class of Japanese society like Korean immigrants.

You can't trust the police when it comes to combatting Yakuza. Yakuza bribes them and even politicians.

I hope this brave journalist in the report would survive. His life being threatened because he wrote an article about Yakuza refusing to accept money for not writing the article.   

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