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19 August 2012

Film"Julie & Julia" How fun it is to write blog!

A young woman who lived in New York decided to write blog on her try on all of recipes wriitten on America's most famous cooking personality named Julia Child.

After she completed all the recipes, she became famous for her blog. That was a true story.

The movie itself wasn't so impressive. Kind of typical and exaggerated. Just one thing that impressed me was writing blog indeed changes your life.

Is it every blogger's dream that your own personal blog became so famous that a lot of people read it and make a fortune?

Even you can't have so many readers and make so much money by that, you can still enjoy writing blog. Sometimes you get comments which impresses you. Even small number of readers that are impressed and tell you how they feel about it, that is good enough.

I am experiencing that. It is just fun to share your life experience with other people whom you have never seen. Like Julia, when you start something new and want to complete, you should declare that on blog, then that can be the promise with other people and that can motivate you to go on, not easily giving up.

Plus, taking notes of every progress teaches you how to manage yourself regarding what you do later on.

I like blog.

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