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06 October 2012

Translated Novel: "Let's Fundoshi" Chapter 4

A Candadin man experiences FUNDOSHI, Japanese traditional male underwear, swimming suit and custume for festival.

Read Chapter 1 first.

Jacques wanted to swim in the water. Japan’s summer is hot. Not just hot, unlike Canada, it was very humid. So he got so much sweat. Staying in a room with air-conditoner on was a way to avoid the hot and humid. Since Jacques was a sporty person, he could never stand staying home for a long time. After he finished translation work, he came to want to go out.

Yuriko recommended him to swim in the sea. It was first time for him to swim in the sea because Montreal had no sea. It had lakes and river but he never swam there. Where he swam was swimming pool.

Since he came to coastal town, he thought swimming in the sea wasn’t so bad. For Japanese it seemed swimming in the sea was to avoid high temperature and humidity.

But there was a problem, latex allergy, he bought and tried to put on swimwear, allergy symptoms appear on his waist. This isn’t good. Where can he purchase swimwear without rubber-band? Fundoshi? But fundoshi for underwear seemed not work for swimming. It can easily be loosen in the water and front cloth floats.

What did Japanese wear before they had modern swimwear? He just got interested in it. Was there any fundoshi for swimming? He searched on internet and found one.


That was different type of fundoshi, called Rokushaku. It goes like putting on a long cloth between legs and roll it around body knit it and bend on your back and then roll and finally connect and tie the edges. It was like origami technique.  

Jacques went to kimono shop and asked the shopkeeper if he had any of it. The shopkeeper took out a roll sheet of cloth and cut it at 3 meters long from the roll.

“No one really wears things like that these days”he mumbled.

He imitated the way internet video showed how to put it on. After struggles, he finally could make it. Unlike modern swimwear, putting the cloth on to fit his own body and tighten not dropping was really hard work. It took 30 minutes to find best way to put on.

After wearing it, he felt totally different from when he wore modern swimwear. Showing his bare ass, the cloth was narrowly attached to his skin from front to break of his ass. It seemed like the cloth got into his asshole. It made him feel really weird. He felt like his asshole was tightened. It was very uncomfortable.

This is like sumo wrestler's cloth. Do they fight in feeling like this?

Jacques tried to go to the beach where not many people were in. Just in a few minutes walk, he found very quiet and small beach. It was a very clear day and nobody was there. Why he went there alone was he did not show his ass in public. Furthermore, he was foreigner so he had to attract more attention from others.

He did not even want Yuriko to see so he went to the beach while Yuriko was out. There he arrived and tried to bathe. Somebody called him in English of Japanese accent.
"Is this what your people think barbaric underwear?"
He looked back and found Taro.

Continued to Chapter 5

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