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14 September 2005

The worst moment of our nation!

Japan's ruling party of last half century won the election. It was a surprising victory. They now occupied more than 60% of the total seats. 

It was really stupid choice by voters. They haven't done great things. They've increased the tax and sent troops to Iraq. They worsened the relationship between China and Japan. Why the voters chose them? The opposition party and the people were just foolish.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about it. This country is getting worse and worse, the people's mind and standard of living is lowering.  

Say good bye to Japan. There is no democracy here.

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Why so glum? The only viable opposition party -- the DPJ (Minshuto) -- ran a terrible campaign. They stand for nothing but "changing the administration," and have said precious little about what they would do if they took power.

In the west, many people say "I don't like what the party in power is doing so I will vote for the opposition." This is how the lead party changes. But in Japan, I often hear people say "I want to vote for someone else, but only the LDP (Jiminto) is serious."

And the LDP is not making relations worse with China -- that is wholly China's fault.

Posted by: Lord George N. CURZON | 21 September 2005

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Yes, DPJ was really doing unsuccessful election campaign. Some of them are really irresponsible. But that does not mean we can trust LDP and Koizumi. DPJ is different from old time opposition party like the Socialist party who were just barking "Objection."

Koizumi in fact worsened the relationship with China and Korea by visiting the shrine that pays respects of the leaders at the time of WWII. It is like German prime ministers' visiting Hitler's grave.
We did the terrible things in China during that war. We promised we wouldn't make the same mistake again to Asian neighbors.

As a matter of fact, China and other Asians nations are becoming more important than U.S. economically and politically. We can't just rely on US only. Of course, we know the US continues to be our important partner.

Posted by: Masagata | 21 September 2005

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