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02 July 2024

Dear Cairo University

To Admission Office and those responsible for the university’s alumni’s academic records,


السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎  Assalamu Alaikum

My name is MASAGATA, a Japanese man living in Tokyo.

I work as a translator between English and Japanese.


I am writing this letter to urge Cairo University to release the fact regarding the current Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike’s academic record in the university. Just simple fact, did she graduate from the university obtaining Bachelor's degree of Cairo University?


This week Tokyo is in the election campaign for this coming Sunday’s gubernatorial election. The incumbent governor, Yuriko Koike has served 2 terms for last 8 years. She is aiming to be reelected for her third term.


The problem arose as soon as her third candidacy was expected. That was actually been discussed last election as well. Whether Koike graduated from Cairo University or not.


According to her profile, she graduated from the university in October 1976. She has already disclosed her diploma issued by the university.


The election bulletin printouts distributed to Tokyo residents, say Koike graduated from Cairo University. That is public announcement to the voters. That must be true. 


In June 2020, Embassy of Egypt in Tokyo posted the statement from the president of Cairo University that claims she did graduate from the university on its facebook page. So her graduation seemed already proven.  


But last April, her former close aide, Mr. Kojima, lawyer testified that the statement by Cairo University president was set up to cover up her inability to show the genuine record of the graduation.


Kojima later submitted a proposal of indictment of her falsifying the academic record to Tokyo District Attorney Office. It is illegal in Japan to falsify the candidate’s profile when running candidacy in public elections.  


Her academic record has been suspected for a long time since her debut as a politician 30 years ago. Before she became Tokyo governor, she was a member of Japan’s Parliament and Cabinet member.


Some media outlets have already inquired the university about her academic career. Then the answer was yes, she did.


But they’ve got no hard evidence. Kojima suggested her graduation record can be easily denied by attributing to personnel’s errors, telling someone did it without instruction from the admission office.  


The only hard evidence is Koike’s own diploma issued by Cairo University but the diploma has a significant error, which is misaddressing her gender as it is read “Mister Koike” instead of “Miss Koike.”


She could have noticed the error and ask the admission office to reprint the diploma but she never did.


Recently her former roommate in Cairo during her college days and her former sponsor who backed her attendance in the university claimed she never graduated but quit halfway because of her poor grades and she failed to elevate to senior level for graduation.


Since the suspicion arose as the election nears. It is rumored that the university knew the fact but not disclosing it to blackmail Koike to get subsidy or finances from Japan or Tokyo governments. In fact Cairo University has already received 300 million US$ or Euro worth subsidies or finances from Tokyo during her terms.


She is also said to be blackmailed by her political rivals within the Tokyo city assembly members for her secrecy. In her first term, she was not aligned with pro-development politicians but now she supports controversial development of very traditional greenery area of Tokyo, which met the citizens’ opposition.


In addition, the rumor is spread that Cairo University is part of corrupt and authoritarian regime so the university could issue diploma to anybody without adequate qualification.

So as long as she is useful, the university keeps on hiding the truth and blackmailing her to get benefits from Japan, the rumor says.

The rumor in fact, sounds offensive to the university and the nation of Egypt, doesn’t it.  

But if the rumor is true, that's intereference with Japan's national sovereignty. 


More and more Japanese are suspicious of the Egyptian government and people. That is a very sad thing.


I, myself have been to Egypt and was very positively impressed by Pyramids and other ancient ruins as you look Album on this blog.


Your image has been diluted by Koike’s unproven academic record.


Although such suspicion has arisen, she is expected to win the election due to her popularity among the citizens. But the rumor of her falsifying academic record can hardly disappear even after the election.


Tokyo District Attorney Office may inquire the university about her academic record. Can you do the same response to the attorneys as Japanese journalists?


If Koike did graduate, it is time to release the certificate officially issued by Cairo University so that everyone can be convinced. Sooner the better, before the election date, 7 of July 2024, only a few days are left.


If not, Cairo University must state that she did not clearly, immediately before the election date. Otherwise, this fact might be revealed anyway later. In that case, Koike has to lose her job as well as facing criminal charges.

If that happens, we would have to feel very much betrayed by Egypt so our friendship would be severely deteriorated because of the fact that the university supports her false academic record to deceive Japanese voters.

Cairo University would be known to conspire with her. You deceive Japanese!

In the future, Cairo University would never be considered the legitimate institution and the university honour will be destroyed.


Is this what you want?

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26 October 2008

Powell was something different

Mr. Colin Powell endorsed Mr. Barak Obama for the president of the United States of America.

Well, after all, he was good man although he joined President Bush's team.

He grew up from poverty and is Black, that is common with Obama. That means he and Obama knows the pain and reality of the world.

White conservatives like Bush don't know the reality and they are basically fundamentalists, very idiot and break out unnecessary wars for the fake causes.

Powell is not only good man but also very shrewed realist. He is a military man but do things just necessary for the interest of his country.

There should have been things he, himself disagreed but got along with because those things were necessary to implement to make things better. He agreed to bomb Afghan but tried to convince Bush not invading Iraq.

I believe Obama's policy should be similar to Powell's.

Powell sometimes made very warm-hearted comments to the weak people because he did experience that position.

In 2004, 3 Japanese citizens were kidnapped in Iraq and held captive for 8 days. After they were released, they've been criticized for what they have done, which was trying to rescue abondoned children and find out truth. Japanese society did not get along with their objective and continued bashing them as to how selfish their act was because they ignored the government's warning of not going to Iraq. Read this post if you want to know more about this incident.


Powell said "Japanese citizens should be proud of them who were trying to do good things." That helped stop bashing them.


This time Powell endorsed Obama, at the same time he made very interesting comment to the U.S. citizens.

"Republicans say Obama is Muslim. It is not true, he is Christian but even if he is Muslim, what is wrong with it? Can't Muslim child dream of being a President of the U.S.? In Arlington cemetry, there is a grave for Muslim soldier who fought in Iraq."


Well, we want to have a leader who knows the pain of others. "Warm but Cool" is what politicians should be.

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16 October 2008

Senator McCain said,

"Look, we've sailed Navy ships around the world for 60 years with nuclear power plants on them. We can store and reprocess spent nuclear fuel, Senator Obama, no problem." concerning energey crisis on last presidential debate.

Yes, he is right. There are 10 nuclear aircraft carriers that belong to the U.S. Navy. One of them is CVN 73, George Washington, which was deployed in Yokosuka city, 20 miles from Japan's capital Tokyo. We don't like it. The ship should go back to its homeland, not the country whose people don't like it much. I hate it. It is dangerous and making me nervous. If it breaks, estimated 1.6 million people would die by leaked radiation.

 It should be used for the generation of cities, rather than military purpose. The nuclear powered ship on the sea is very, very dangerous. It costs much more than conventional ship. The reactors should be transformed to fit the plants on the ground.

Although I do not support nuclear power as substitute for oil, it is much better to be used for generation for inland cities .

McCain said "reprocess spent nuclear fuel." That is not practical any more. A lot of countries failed. It costs so much money and pollute the land around the reprocessing factories. However, unspent nuclear fuel inside the ships should be used by stopping the navigation and dismantling the ships. It is time to do that. Use the energey for the daily life not for the military. Let the troops back on the shores.


The U.S. is now in historical financial crisis, they have to reduce military spending dramatically. They cannot afford stationing their troops abroad. Foreign nations including my country are not generous lending their lands for the U.S. military any more.


Whether Obama or McCain becomes president of the U.S., what they have to do is rethink their military policy which has been failing.

No more nuclear ships! Let's make the world safe by abondaning such dangerous ships!


28 August 2008

Empire of Poverty (Hinkon-taikoku), America!

That is the title of a book written by Mika Tsutsumi, who wrote this book, which I wrote the review of.

She has lived in New York as college student and office worker but since she experienced 911 turmoil, she started to learn what went wrong in the U.S.

In this book, she paid attention to poverty issue. Some of the things mentioned overlap in her previous book.

The book became best-selling non-fiction book in Japan. It was sold at the price of 700 yen (US$7).

At first she talked about subprime loan crisis. The real estate business took mean advantage of poor people who have dreams of having their own houses, which they could never afford by their cheap salaries. They ended up losing  houses and dreams and then being poorer than before.

50 million people don't have medical insurance. 60 million live by the wage under $7 per day. 35 million people are in hunger. That was a result of free economy. The poor gets poorer, the rich gets richer.

Although so many are in hunger, but at the same time so many of them are suffering from obesity. The poverty and the obesity are linked. Poor people cannot afford healthy food. They had to buy cheap junk food which is filled with oil and contain less nutrition. They get fat but lack nutrition that result in sickness but they have no medical insurance to cure. The medical insurance issue she mentioned is similar to Micheal Moore's "Sicko."

Americans favour free competition, smaller government, and privatization. Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophie caused by privatization. FEMA was privatized and disaster prevention budget was cut-off.

In the last chapter, she described working poor became new type of military drafting system. A truck driver was offered high-paying job in Iraq by a military contractor. After months of labor in Iraq, he got leukemia because he drunk highly radioactive water. He had no insurance coverage to take care of his illness. Even though he got a big money for that job, he had to use all of it to cure the illness and ended up being poorer and getting heavy illness.

The poor people had no choice but to work for the military which offers only very hard and dangerous tasks.

That is the true figure of America, now. The popularity of Obama seems to be supported by those who experience such hard situations.

Today the U.S. marked very historical moment, Afro-American was nominated for presidential candidate of major political party. Some might hope because he is Black, he should know how the oppressed feel.

Can Ob(s)ama-Bi(nla)den change things better for the U.S. rather than fighting against terrorists outside their country? No more war and poverty, please! 


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