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20 October 2005

Fucking Prime Minister Visits War Criminals' Shrine

Prime Minister Koizumi is idiot.

He is just making our country worse. He visited the controversial shrine which honours war criminals responsible for Japan's invasion of China. The shrine insists the war was just and liberated Asians from western imperialism. That is not true. The Japanese army killed many, many Asian civilians there.

Asian victims and their familes never forget that.

Half of Japanese citizens including me oppose his visit to the shrine. business people, too.

Prime Minister says it was private visit. Private? He went there with press. Since he is a PM, he can never be a private person.

For Americans, it should be great news, as Japan's relationship with China got worse, US government can get more dealing cards when it comes to negotiate with Japan or China. For China and Japan, it is just a bad card.   

The top picture is the sanctury of the shrine.

The shrine has the museum that shows how bravely Japanese army fought in the war. The war Japan failed.

The below is picture of famous zero-sen air-fighter.


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08 October 2005

The Charlie's Angels Story (2004)

I bought a DVD of the story behind America's one of the most popular show in history "Charlie's Angels."

It was almost like a story of the most popular Angel, Farrah Fewsett-Majors.

Since Farrah became the angel, her marriage life with Lee Majors, who was very popular as "6 million dollar man" in those days got in a big trouble. Then she decided to quit the show.

That was a big trouble for the production. The interesting thing was the contract between the production and Farrah was basically oral. You can't imagine this thing can happen in today's Hollywood. The actors there now have to sign on piles of contract papers in order to be in the show. In those days, oral agreement was common. 

In 1970's America, women's action drama was considered to be very unique. But there was feminist movement in those days, so their sexy detective characters were very criticised. I thought it was highly accepted by feminists because they act as independent strong women, not just being sexy. It seemed feminist women in those days expected too much from entertainment industry.

Anyway, it was a nice story. It is not documentary. It is a drama based on the book written by a former manager of Farrah. The actress who acted Farrah resembles real Farrah so much. However, I like Cheryl Ladd best among real 6 Angels. I hate the Angels in the movies.

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