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21 July 2007

Nuke plants are built on earthquake land

Japan has many, many earthquakes. As you know what happened in Niigata Prefecture, major earthquake and casualties like that can be seen once or twice every year. It is like annual events of our country. This earthquake caused 10 casualties but the most serious thing in fact is nuclear plant, Kashiwazaki-kariwa built in this area caught a fire and was partially destructed. See the pictures.



The plant now stopped the operation for examination. It will take a year to recover and reoperate. But I hope it would not restart operating forever.

Can't believe the plant is on such dangerous area. In fact nowhere in Japan is suitable for the nuclear power plant. Japan is earthquake land.

Proponets of the nuclear energey claim Japan lacks natural resources, so we have no choice but to rely on nuclear energey. About 30% of power comes from nuclear energey. But the risk for the accident is so huge. In fact, we've already had tens of accidents. Several plant workers died. One town was closed for days because of the radiation leak. This time we had small radiation leak to the air and the ocean.

Japan can invent, and develop alternative energey like windpower and solar energey. We have the technology. But politicians are reluctant because they are heavily influenced by major power plant corporations and their union workers. The media is reluctant to report such issues because their major sponsors are power plant corporations. It is like NBC owned by GE.

This is not just Japan's problem. Like Three Mile and Chernobyl, the damage would be worldwide. Even after the accident, many residents living close to the plants are dying every year.

We can develop alternative and safe energey sources and we can even change our lifestyle to reduce our energey consumption.

 Tokyo Electric Power Corporation which owns the Kashiwazaki-kariwa plant announced Tokyo will face energey shortage because of the temporary shutdown. The company requests us to save energey to keep up the reduced supply.

As a citizen of Tokyo, I welcome that. If we can go through this year with less energey supply, that proves we do not need the shutdown plant and make this temporary shutdown permanent one. After that, we can make new movement to abondon the nuclear power plants nationwide and then worldwide.

 NO MORE NUCLEAR ENERGEY!. This is the way our world should go!  

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