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17 May 2009

"Miss Universe" is sexist and racist pageant

Miss Japan for this year's "Miss Universe" competition was selected, 24 year-old fashion model.

In 2007 Miss Japan won Miss Universe Crown. Was that good news?

Actually, I did not care and even despise the praise people were making.

This pageant should be criticised for its sexist and racist aspects.

Contenstants were expected to be gentle and cheerful girl. They have to be neutral in the sense of politics.

That is why Miss California was said to have lost the crown of Miss America because of her remark on the same sex marriage.

Women are evaluated based on skin deep and appearance by swim suits and evening gown. Not by their character or ability.

That is a traditional role of women in the society. Poor girls, they still want to be loved by playing such old-fashioned woman.


The standard of beauty for the pageant is western measure, not universal. It is myth of universalism.

Always a white woman won. Otherwise a woman who looked like white woman who suits high-heels, dress, and tiara did. Skinny and lighter skin color is recommended.  


In some parts of the world, like in Southern Pacific islands or Calibu, fat women are considered attractive. Very different from western world.

Why is "Miss Universe" winner considered the queen of the world? No. They cannot represent the world's beauty.

There are numerous standards of woman's beauty. The pageant is very imperialistic thing.

By showing the pageant globally, the people of the world are brainwashed to believe western beauty is the only beauty of the world.

Nonsense and racist. We are not so dumb any more.  

Such an event is unfitted to 21st century. Anti-feminist and anti-multi-culturalism.

The pageant should be abolished to ban discrimination.



Hello there!!! I was a contestant in the Ms. Universe pageant many years ago. Although i disagree with some of the things you mentioned, there is truth to a lot of your concerns.

I can also see that you are a student of English, I think you are doing great with the way you express your opinions. Perhaps you would like to visit my page and see that beauty pageants are not all that bad?

domo arigato!

Posted by: Joyce | 20 May 2009

So True

Posted by: Alex | 30 January 2010

You are right about the aspect you describe here... but then again... year after year history repeats... Miss Universe is just a contest where girls, skinny girls try to get a prize... I wouldn't say they symbolize universal beauty... They are beautiful, but only beautiful... if you understand what I mean...

Posted by: Raquel Welch Wigs | 02 February 2011

I agree that there are various beauty standards, and that at all there should be no standards for beauty, but don't take it so close to your heart -- everyone knows such contests are stupid, but people like them, and since we live in a commercial world -- the things that people like and pay money for will exist forever...

Posted by: ipad development | 27 April 2011

Yeah I agree. Its speech is not what she's actually think.

Posted by: Ms Pacman | 02 September 2011

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