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09 August 2009

Here comes White Crusaders again!

American dolphin trainer named Ric O'Barry is taking on Japan's traditional culture.

He loves dolphins so he doesn't like Japanese dolphin hunting in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture.

He came to the town and shoot the scenes of hunting and made documentary film.

Here comes again after whaling in Antarctica. This time within Japan's territory. It seems he and his friends think Japan is part of US territory.

I don't eat dolphin meat. But the localies hunt and eat them for centuries. That is their culture and tradition. Japanese government provides the license to them. It doesn't matter whether their hunting method is cruel or not. We, human eat animal meat in order to survive. You can see as graphic scenes as that in beef processing factories.

Well, I believe such protestants are small portion of all. When I was in the U.S., Americans I met said they don't care about cultural thing. Unless the species is endangered, they don't care who eats what. I think that is the ordinary people's response.

I was against Japan's whaling in Antarctica because it is not worth it. There is not high demand any more and it hurts Australia's tourist business. I never agree with Aussie's idea that whales are cute and intelligent mammals so we shouldn't kill. It can mean you can kill less intelligent animals? Sounds racist.

Is it white Christian ideology that once you believe one thing is good, force others to follow?

Interesting thing is in 19th century westerners came to Japan and Southern Pacific islands and criticized local gay culture as "uncivilized" from their standard. Then the gay culture declined.

Now what are westerners doing about gay issues now?


If Mr. O'Barry really cares about Japan's cute mammals lives being threatened, he should go to Nago city, Okinawa. There are many mammals that are threatened by construction of US Marine base. He doesn't even have to visit Japan, he can go to Washington first. Actually WWF sued US Defense department for that matter. He should forget the dolphins but saves dugongs. Or he wouldn't because dugongs don't do the tricks he teaches?  

WWF-Japan leader calls for dugong research by halting USMC training exercises


Dear Dave: I don't buy US goods, either lately. Whaling in Antarctica or dolphin hunting in Taiji are not illegal. Internationally and domestically. Americans are exporting beef with mad cow disease to the world. They let cows eat bones of dead cows, that cause mad cow disease.


I haven't seen the movie. I want to see the movie anyway. Documentary can be biased.  


There are a number of inaccurate statements in the above post. First the japanese kill 1000's of dolphins and whales every year-more than they could ever eat. So justifying the killing on the basis of food is just a lie. Before world war II most Japanese did not eat whale meat - only a few isolated places. But being 'starved' by the USA when they found 2 out of 3 POW's had been murdered by the japanese meant they began to eat whatever they could kill in the ocean.

In fact, thanks to the Cove movie and the actions of rthe Sea Shepherd Conservation society many millions of people now know about the illegal mass killing of cetaceans by the Japanese.

I don't buy anything made in Japan or made by Japanese companies because they are international renegades when it comes to environmental agreements, IWC regulations, the UN charter for nature etc.
It is true many cetaceans are threatened by other actions - but not on the scale that the Japanese perpetrate on these creatures who they are forcing to the verge of being threatened or extinction. But then sancity of life does not appear to figure high in Japanese culture.

Posted by: Dave Head | 10 August 2009

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