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07 December 2009

Is it Obama's strategy to end the war sooner?

US President Barak Obama announced the surge of troops in Afghanistan. It is expected 30 billion more money would be spent for the surge.

It is impossible. The war is failing just like Iraq. Everyone in the U.S. knows. The economy is in very bad shape.

Unemployment rate is over 10%. The public won't support that. No way the budget plan would pass.

That was why he proposed this surge plan. He is very smart man who graduated from very difficult university.

He knows the public answer would be "No. We Can't." What will happen is the budget plan is rejected.

More and more people would be aware of the cost of the war in Afghanistan considering what needs to be done to improve their daily lives.

Once the budget plan is rejected, Obama would announce immediate withdraw of the troops in Afghanistan.

Then the Congress and the public opinion would agree with the immediate pullout plan without hesitation after the shocking and unrealistic surge plan.

At this point, without any shocking hard way measure, Obama cannot persuade the Congress and the public to pull out the troops immediately.  There are still people who believe Obama is too liberal. He wants to pretend he is not.


I hope this trickey plan would succeed.

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