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11 September 2011

Who won the war?

A decade has passed since that incident.

The U.S. declared global war on terror. The U.S. sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.

After all, did the U.S. win?

The U.S. killed Hussein and Binladen.

But the Taliban wasn't defeated. They now revived their momentum gaining support from the localies.


Iraq was never democratised but became anarchic. Iraq never had weapons of mass-destruction.

It was a fake information. The U.S. provoked war based on the lies they made up. That deteriorated reputation of the U.S. government.

The U.S. spent 1 trillion dollars for the two wars. Now the budget is in serious condition.

The economy is in very bad shape. High unemployment rate, lower rating of U.S. treasury bonds.


The U.S. parliament passed PATRIOT law. The civil liberty has been violated. The distrust against Muslims is growing. The nation is divided. The U.S. is no longer free society.

Oh, it seemed things has moved as the terrorists wish.

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