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06 March 2005

Guess, who's coming to dinner? (1967)

Have you seen the movie "Guess who's coming to dinner?"

I saw it last week on TV. The story is one woman took her fiance to her home. Her family were rich and liberal. The problem was her fiance was Afro-American. Sidney Poitier acted as the fiance. Katherin Hepburn was mother of the woman.

Although her parents were liberal and not racist, they were shocked. They were not prejudiced against the fiance but they were worried about hardship the couple and their prospected grandchildren would face.

Finally, the parents approved their marriage. The father (acted by Spencer Tracy) said, "The worst thing is knowing what you are, knowing what you feel about each other, you didn't get married."

I liked the movie a lot. The story took place almost 40 years ago, but it seems interracial marriage is still difficult in US, especially between Black and white. When I was studying in US, 90's, it was very rare to see Black and white couple. Asian and white couples were seen so often.

I've heard prejudice against Afro-Americans does not come only from skin color difference but also historical and cultural aspects. But there are many Americans who are breaking such barriers to change the society better. I think that is one of the good things about America.

How would you react if your child or brother or sister introduces you his or her fiance who happens to have different skin color?

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Thank you for another great post!

I have cousins who married Turkish or Japanese. I do not think races should matter.

I thin racism is much less than it was in 1967, though I hope one day it will be gone for good!

Posted by: Dan | 07 March 2005

Personally, I don't like seeing black men with white women. I think white women should stick to their own race. They think they're entitled to have everything and dibble and dabble wherever they want. And American society just placates them and supports this. There are a lot of good black women who need and want good husbands. But, black men, especially affluent ones seem to be flocking to white women in large numbers.

I also don't like it because I think it is a sign that black men are weak. They are being led by the nose by the "media" that only considers the beauty of white women to be superior. This country is still filled with white supremacists, no matter what anyone says, and it shows.

At any rate, a remake of Look Who's Coming to Dinner has been made with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher. It may be interesting, who knows. I do like the fact that they've switched it around, showing a perfectly eligible white man with a black woman. I'm surprised that Kutcher had the balls to play this role, lending his star power to this type of movie. The fact that he is a Republican and doing this type of film is even more mind-boggling. You never can tell about people anymore.

Posted by: LadyGodiva | 13 March 2005

I read an "Atlantic Monthly" article that focused on exogamy by black males from a feminist perspective. Black women have a lot of problems in America. American policies that have hurt the black community hurt black women too.

Posted by: Dan | 13 March 2005

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