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30 July 2007

Short Novel: The Flight to Tokyo, Last Chapter

A story of a B-29 bomber pilot who time-travels from the war-time Tokyo to present-time.


Please read from Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 first.

The texts are on Japanese blog. Please find English paragraphs on this site.

 Thank you.

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25 July 2007

Visited SAYURI's town

I went to Kyoto last night and came back home this morning. It was hectic trip. Indeed it was not a travel for private pleasure. The trip was for business. But I could manage to visit some tourist spots in Kyoto.

 One of them is Gion town street, where my favorit movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" story took place. Geisha named SAYURI grew up there. It was pretty and very Japanese town. Unfortunately I could not see any Geisha walking on the street because it was early in the morning. But I enjoyed the street view very much. See the picture below.


The other place I went to was Kiyomizu Temple. It is famous for high stage wooden building. There is a proverb in Japan, "Jumping off the Kiyomizu Stage." meaning trying to do a big new thing. Imagine how brave you have to be to jump off this stage.


This is the view from the stage. It is 3-5 story building tall but in the old days, it was very high.



You can see other pictures of Kyoto along with other places in my photo album section on the right. Click on Japan Scenaries.

Kyoto is like foreign place for me because I used to live in US for several years and visite many foreign cities in Europe and China. Kyoto is one of great world's heritage.

Kyoto is beautiful, I am planning to visit there again near future. I will talk more about it later.

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21 July 2007

Nuke plants are built on earthquake land

Japan has many, many earthquakes. As you know what happened in Niigata Prefecture, major earthquake and casualties like that can be seen once or twice every year. It is like annual events of our country. This earthquake caused 10 casualties but the most serious thing in fact is nuclear plant, Kashiwazaki-kariwa built in this area caught a fire and was partially destructed. See the pictures.



The plant now stopped the operation for examination. It will take a year to recover and reoperate. But I hope it would not restart operating forever.

Can't believe the plant is on such dangerous area. In fact nowhere in Japan is suitable for the nuclear power plant. Japan is earthquake land.

Proponets of the nuclear energey claim Japan lacks natural resources, so we have no choice but to rely on nuclear energey. About 30% of power comes from nuclear energey. But the risk for the accident is so huge. In fact, we've already had tens of accidents. Several plant workers died. One town was closed for days because of the radiation leak. This time we had small radiation leak to the air and the ocean.

Japan can invent, and develop alternative energey like windpower and solar energey. We have the technology. But politicians are reluctant because they are heavily influenced by major power plant corporations and their union workers. The media is reluctant to report such issues because their major sponsors are power plant corporations. It is like NBC owned by GE.

This is not just Japan's problem. Like Three Mile and Chernobyl, the damage would be worldwide. Even after the accident, many residents living close to the plants are dying every year.

We can develop alternative and safe energey sources and we can even change our lifestyle to reduce our energey consumption.

 Tokyo Electric Power Corporation which owns the Kashiwazaki-kariwa plant announced Tokyo will face energey shortage because of the temporary shutdown. The company requests us to save energey to keep up the reduced supply.

As a citizen of Tokyo, I welcome that. If we can go through this year with less energey supply, that proves we do not need the shutdown plant and make this temporary shutdown permanent one. After that, we can make new movement to abondon the nuclear power plants nationwide and then worldwide.

 NO MORE NUCLEAR ENERGEY!. This is the way our world should go!  

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08 July 2007

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" reminds me of Professor Fieldman

The film describes how danger our planet is in. The carbon dioxide rate in the air is highest in last 650,000 years. The ice in North Pole will disappear in 40 years. Manhattan will be under water by rise of sealevel. There is greater threat than terrorism. That is "Global Climate Crisis."

The most of what Al Gore presented was what I have already known. I learned those things from Professor Glenn Fieldman's class at San Francisco State University. The title of the course was "World Eco Crisis." That was one of the courses of my major, International Relations.

 Professor Fieldman was a liberal type of scholar, which you can easily find in San Francisco. She was expert for environmental issues. Al Gore reminds me of her so well.

Al Gore not only talked about the critical situation we are in. He also noted that there is political factors that drove the situation worse. That is journalism and the political and economic entities behind. The environmental crisis issues have been reported for many years and in many media outlets but there are many that deny such facts. So people have to wonder if the environmental crisis really exists. That was what Ms. Fieldman emphasized. News media are sponsored by large corporations. They can't critisize their major ad clients and shareholders. NBC is owned by General Electronics, that is why they can't critisize Nuclear Power Plant management.

Al Gore says Bush administration is backed by oil business tycoons. That is why Bush withdrew from Kyoto Protocol. It seemed Al Gore really wants to strike down his opponent who unfairly took away his "President" title.

But there are very important things that are missing in the film which Ms. Fieldman most strongly emphasized. That is gap between the rich and poor countries. That may be a major causes for current global eco-crisis. The rich countries have exploited poor countries, and made them poorer. People in those countries have to exploit their natural resources to live on.

This is what Al Gore could not mention because he is a man who drives a Mercedes-Benz, very luxurous and high emission car, and who lives in a mansion that consumes so much electricity which is worth 30,000 US dollars every year. 20 times as much as average household in U.S.

After all, politicians are hypocrats.   

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