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01 November 2007

"CODE PINK" proves America is still free world!

I was very surprised to see an woman with red-painted hands approaching Secretary of State, Ms. Rice and screaming "War Criminal." The woman and her people in the congressional hearing last week belong to the peace group named "CODE PINK women for peace."

As soon as she did that, she and other members were kicked out from the room. But they were never put into the jail. They were criticized by White House. They keep doing what they think should do.

Since 911, I always thought America has become Nazis. But that was not true. America is still open-minded. They prove that. America is a country, where you can speak up whatever you want to say and take actions.

The group worried about the war with Iran. According to the poll, more than half of Americans say OK to fight with Iran.

But, please don't. This is going to make things worse. Just think of alternatives, why don't you listen to the people like "CODE PINK"?

11 September 2007

6 Years Ago

6 years ago, September 11, 2001, I was watching evening news on TV. Breaking news came up, I saw the scene that one of World Trade Center towers was burning. First, I thought it was a terrible accident. I thought the building would survive. Actually, I hoped so, because I've been there. The other tower was hit, and I realized it was never an accident.

After an hour, both buildings collapesed and then another news came, Pentagon was hit.

I could not believe what happened. After this incident, that week's news reports were all about the terror incident.

After that, the U.S.A attacked Afghan, and then Iraq. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were killed and Binladen was never captured. Hussein was hanged to death but he had no link with Al Quaida. No weapons of mass-destruction was found.  

Some say "911 happened because it should have happened."

One recent Dutch movie "Black Book" that depicted Nazis occupied Holland had an interesting scene. One German officer made a speech and said "Let's strike down terror resistance and get back free Europe." This scene overlaps the speeches made by the U.S. officials.

Who are the real terrorists?

What caused terrorism? What kind of situation are we in now?

Since 911, I began to think about what to do to change things better. That is why I became so interested in history. 

I think 911 made documentary films like Micheal Moore's become so popular. There are a lot of problems on earth. Reality is much more thrilling and cruel than fictions. We all have to think about that and seek the solutions for those problems.

24 February 2007

911 Film "World Trade Center" Too early to make

Such kind of films. I have seen the movie "United 93" before.

It's been only 5 years and so since 911. The story was about two policemen trapped in the rubble of WTC.

The movie was overall boring.

There is not many dynamic scenes. But there were some real scenes. I just wondered if the film makers sent some crews to capture the scenes at the time of that incident, so that they can use it in the future. They are always ready to make money.

 So I understand how they were careful in making the films of such real tragedies. Maybe 20 years later, they can make very dynamic and real and objective story. At this point you still cannot see things objectively. If you make stories about 911, you should include people in Iraq, people in Palestine, people in Afghanistans and people of Peaceful Tomorrows.  

If I make a drama for TV or movie now, I would make a soapopera which a man who lost a wife in 911 decides to remarry another woman but some days before a wedding, a wife whom he thought died and whose body was never found shows up. He has to cancel the wedding. A wife says she had suffered amnesia because of the shock caused by the incident. He gets a trouble in between of two women he loves. In fact a wife got a new lover but remembers she still loves a husband. His supposedly new wife gets shocked and doesn't know how to deal with this problem and began to jealous his revived wife. Then she hires a hitman to kill or let him go back to the old woman? 21st century version of "Dynasty." Too bad Mr. Spelling is already dead.

 I do not mean to insult the victims of 911. But now is just too early to make a film of that incident. There are too much still unknown. Too much to be revealed.

Have you ever thought about real cause of 911?

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05 March 2005

Since 911, America is changed!

The above picture was taken on the top of WTC, July 1993.

I remember it was after car bomb in the parking floor of the building. So the guide described why the security got so tighten. But I never expected 911 tragedy would happen at the place I was in. I really want to express my condolence for the victims of 911. I might have been there, too.

However, I cannot understand why America went so mad since that day.

I understand it is so difficult for you to face the reality of the world and review why such tragedy happened, why your country became a target for the terrorists.

I, as one Japanese citizen do not think bombing afghanistan, and Iraq would help diminish the terrorism. Even if you capture Binladen, number of the terrorists wouldn't decrease.

Isn't America the country that respects diversity of the culture?

Isn't America so sophisticated society that can see thing objectively, rather than emotionally or subjectively?

That is why some of the Americans can feel sorry for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and criticize what your country has done to our country although you are the winner of the war and we are the former enemy.

I am hoping America would be as it should be. I want to believe FOX news channel doesn't represent the voice of America.