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23 March 2008

Does U.S. have right to accuse China of Tibet?

From last week until early in the next month would mark 5th anniversary of the major combat of the Iraq War.

There was a demonstration march to call for the U.S to end the war in Tokyo. The city also had a march to call for China to end the oppression against Tibet.

Japan's position is kind of complicated for the both issues. Japan helped your country with the war and occupation in Iraq sending troops there.

As for China,  we invaded China in the past and currently we have been having controvesy over historical issues with them, such as how to acknowledge Nanking Massacre, and PM's Yausukuni shirine visits. It is just like Germany's position in Palestinean issues with Israel. Well, Germans have made up their mind to admit their faults. But we haven't done it enough.

American politicians criticize China for oppressing Tibetan. But I want to say, what about the U.S. for what they have done to Iraqis!

Tens of thousands of civilians were killed. Proportion of one out of 6 Iraqi have become refugees. They live lives without clean water, electricity and safety. You might insist Iraqi were liberated from tyranny like Hussein. But after Hussein, what is left is anarchism, division of the nation, and worsening the security.

American army dumped depleted uranium weapons that are very hazardous to human bodies with high level of radioactive. Iraqi were worried whenver they give birth to a child as if they get a defective baby.   

Hussein was a monstrous dictator but he could at least maintain the minimum infrastructure for his people's lives. The U.S. never thought of what to do after Hussein regime was toppled. That is totally different from the U.S. occupation strategy of Japan and Germany. There was no strategy for Iraq.

Please think of your own problems before accusing others of human rights violation. Not only things related to Iraq, but also domestic ones such as health insurance, poverty and etc. Your government is not so different from Arabic dictators who use anti-Israel and anti-U.S. propaganda to distract attention from their own citizens who are frustrated with poverty and inequality of the society.


P.S. I am writing a novel on this blog that points out the above issues. If you read the story and learn the things you have to be aware of.   

16 March 2008

Impressed by Obama's respected pastor, Rev. Wright

It is been reported that Obama's long time inspirer, Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright made very controversial remarks in his Gospel speech. Obama denounced his remarks and he never knew the pastor did it until recently.

I can't find anything so controversial in his sermons.  

He, himself is Afro-American, so there is no problem that he uses the word "Niger." He said America is founded on racist culture. I think he talked about slavery and masscre of Native Americans.

The most impressive to me, was he said "We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye," he said. "We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and Black South Africans, and now we are indignant. Because the stuff we have done overseas has now brought right back into our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost."

This pastor is ex-marine. He knew what the war is like. He just criticized the U.S. foreign policy in his radical way, I think.

I don't think he meant to insult America.

For Japanese like us, Americans criticizing Hiroshima and Nagasaki were kind of impressive. Obama was spritually influenced by this pastor. Well, that sounds nice to us. Very humble attitude of Americans. He knows how the oppressed feel. That is why he is becoming popular among the impoverished layer of society including whites.

But I want to tell this pastor he should condemn not only the U.S. for dropping atomic bombs but also Japan who slaughtered many innocent Chinese and attacked on Pearl Harbor in the name of "justice." That is what I expressed in this post on this blog.

I understand why Mr. Obama had to denounce the pastor because today's America is no longer open-minded to radical leftist speech. This is sad thing to know. Isn't America free country any more? You can't criticize your government's policies because such acts are considered unpatriotical.

That is just like Nazi-Germany. I would be proud of a citizen of a country if the country is democratic and tolerates free speech including the things critical of itself.

Sometimes, by becoming anti of your nation, you will know better of your country and drive your country into right direction.

"God Damn America!" can change your country better after being tired of saying "God bless America."

09 March 2008

Short Novel: 4 American Hostages in Baghdad, Chapter 2

Please read Introduction and Chapter 1 first.


“When I was in high school, a few months after my dad was laid off, I received a call from the military recruiter. At first I ignored but he called me a hundred times. Every time he phoned me, he said that he had a good thing to tell me, the army needs a quality man like me and I can get a great benefit from the army. Finally I gave in. He picked me up and took me to the military recruitment center. He was tall, muscular nice guy and described how wonderful my future would be if I join the army. I said to him that I wanted to go to the college. Then he told me I can go to the college if I join the army. The military can help me pay the tuition. I knew my parents cannot afford the tuition for college. So I decided to join the army.”

“But you were deceived?” said Kevin.

“Yeah, I was. Actually the military had scholarship for young soldiers. After 4 months of training I applied for the scholarship and found out that I was deceived. In order to get the scholarship, you have to pay 1,300 bucks as deposit. That was impossible. My monthly salary was only 700 bucks, how come I can save such amount of money. Then I was dispatched to Iraq .” John said sadly.

“You never wanted to come to Iraq , did you” said Kevin.

“Never, I did not even know where Iraq was. I’ve seen some news reports about soldiers in Iraq , who receive high praise for fighting to liberate Iraqi from tyranny like Saddam Hussein. But I realized Americans were not welcomed here. Recently I learned a recruiter found me in the list my high school gave to the military. The list of kids from impoverished family like mine. They knew students like me cannot afford college tuition and took mean advantage of our necessity.”

“Well, John, your case is better” said Fernando. John, Kevin and Loretta looked at him.

Fernando started to talk in Spanish accent.

“I absolutely had no choice but to join the army. I came from Mexico with my family. As you imagine, we were illegal immigrants who crossed the border. At first we were dependent on my father’s salary from the farms. 3 bucks an hour. But he was killed by an accident. Then my mom, little sister and I were left behind. We became homeless. We moved to homeless facility where rats were running around. I cannot go to school and worked for restaurant as dish washer at low wages. We were hungry for days without anything to eat. One day a military recruiter called my cell. I was terrified if immigration officer asked military to pick me and my family up and deport us to Mexico . In Mexico , the situation was much worse. My family had no job and lived in rubble without clean water and electricity. That is why we crossed the border illegally. But the call was a very good news for me. He told me if I could join the army, I can get a U.S. citizenship. I was really glad.”

“Weren’t you afraid to go to the battlefield?” said Loretta.

“As I told you, I had no choice. This is like conscription for the poor. Poverty draft. You, two had nothing to worry about for your future. We have no future unless we join the army.” Fernando replied.

The silence deafened for a while.   


An Iraqi man came up to the 4 Americans and said “have you made up? Who speaks to your government?” The silence still remained.  


“Well, then I have to kill you one by one and show the scene on TV” said an Iraqi man.

“Wait, I will. I can do that” Loretta shouted. Three guys looked at her being surprised.

“Hey, are you sure? Your dad would be angry if you do that” said Kevin.

“But if I would, they can never leave us. I am a daughter of the most important person in America. My father can let our government do whatever they can to save us.”

Loretta made up her mind. She thought she could prove herself that she was not just spoiled child by speaking to the U.S. government on TV.



Go on to Chapter 3.


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07 March 2008

Dear Sea Shepherds and animal loving Americans!

Sea Shepherds came back again and attacked Japanese whaling fleets in Antartic Sea. This time Japanese marine patrol personnel shot at them.

I sent Sea Shepherds the following message by email. This is not only for marine hypocrit group but for animal loving Americans.


From a decent Japanese citizen,
Rather than spending so much money and energy on protecting whales in Antarctica, why don’t you try to protect Dugongs in Okinawa, Japan ’s southernmost island.
Dugong habitat is threatened by your country’s military and our country’s government. New US military base will be constructed near the habitat. San Francisco court ordered your military to review the construction plan due to the violation of the law effective in the U.S.
We normally don’t listen to the hysteric crusaders who want to force their own values on others like Christian missionaries who did that to native Americans. But as for the Dugong case in Okinawa , we would.
We’ve been so angered by your military that rape local women and now threaten the lives of most endangered and beautiful species on earth. Dolphins and whales, there are plenty of them swimming in the oceans. Dugongs are much more endangered.
P.S. Save innocent Iraqi lives being killed by your military! Or are they less important than lives of whales.
By the way, are Sea Shepherd members all vegetarian? Don’t eat cows, pigs and chickens if you think eating animals are so sin.


Did you know grazing cattles is deforesting Amazon forest?

Stop eating hambergers! Eat fish and whales and dophins. They don' t need glazed fields.

Be more smart and scientific rather than being hypocratic!

 P.S. If you are really animal rights activisits, stop Rodeo shows, it is hurting cute cows. Don' t say it is your culture! Some culture is not worth going on.

Dear Paikea,

Taking half an hour or 1 minute to kill doesn't make any difference. After all, we are all barbaric in order to survive. Even if you are vegetarian, even plants are living creatures and have emotions, and we are taking lives away from them. But they just stay still. What is arrogant is determine which creature is worth living based on cuteness, or how familiar they are to you. 

I don't care how we kill and eat animals because they are just resources to us. All we have to do is keep them sustainable. I don't criticize rodeo in Texas, chicken fighting in Southeast Asia or bullfighting in Spain. It is their cultures and their animals.

 Well, Asians should taste better than Caucasions because we are more like herbivorous mammals.