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29 June 2008

CBS Mini-Series "Hitler, The Rise of Evil"

I've bought a DVD of that show a few years ago. I've watched it many times. I highly recommend all the people on the earth to watch it.

The show was produced amid the fear of coming war in Iraq by Alliance Atlantis. It caused controversy because the show featured Hitler as living man not just as evil guy.

Maybe the producer was worried about the atmosphere in the U.S. after 911 was like the one in Nazi-Germany.

Focal point of the film is indifference of ordinary people of that time. People did not want to care about politics because they were too tired of hearing serious news.

But the result of such indifference was Auschwitz.

In the show, there was a journalist who became counterpart of Hitler. His name was Fritz Gerich. He established the newspaper "Straight Path" to criticize Hitler's Nazism. But at the end, he was murdered in Dahau concentration camp after Nazi regime took over all the authorities of Germany.

Fritz wrote letter to his wife, it said "Urge others to speak up even what they say is unpopular."

That impressed me a lot. That may be most difficult thing on the earth but necessary to change things better.

The other thing that impress me was a leader of Storm Troops, Rohm was gay. Rohm was Hitler's long time comrade and Hitler knew Rohm was gay. Interestingly enough, Nazi murdered hundreds of thousands of gays in concetration camp along with Jews and Roma (Gyspsies).

I will visit Berlin and Auschwitz soon. I will telll you what I feel about the sights and their histories.

21 June 2008

Isn't this Racist Ad?

I found such an ad in Tokyo train.



It says "CHANGE to Emobile phone." This monkey might look like one of US presidential candidates.

I think it is racist. They couldn't post the same postar in the U.S.

I don't like it. They could use human actor (Japanese or Afro-American guy) instead of a monkey.

15 June 2008

Why he did that

Last Sunday, one news shocked Japan and even the world.

25 year old man drove into Tokyo's busiest square. It was holiday's pedestrians paradise area where anyone can get on the driving roads which are normally used only for automobiles. He ran over 3 people by rented truck and then stabbed 14 people on the square including a policeman. As a result 7 people were murdered.


He was typical kind of psychopath who would do such a thing just like other guys who committed the same kind of crimes like Virginia Tech University and Columbine High School. He has been frustrated with his status. He has been worried about losing his job which was very unstable temporary worker's status. He had no girlfriend or friends whom he could talk with about his problems. He wanted to show his anger to the society.

Many people want to analyze the cause of this mass-murder incident. But after all this guy was one of millions of frustrated citizens in Japan. This case shouldn't be treated as symbolic event that represents Japan's social issues.


Number of Japan's homicide cases of last year was record low in postwar era. Japan is still safe. Of course there are things we should change and cure to make this society better.  

The below photo is floral tribute stand on the corner of square which the incident occurred.



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08 June 2008

Short Novel: 4 American Hostages in Baghdad, Last Chapter

Please read from Introduction to Chapter 4.


Sounds of footsteps were heard. Several of the soldiers were running. Then sound of breaking a door was heard. Big muscular guys wearing uniforms and metal jackets and holding rifles appeared in the room. They were U.S. Marine rescue team.

“Everyone, face down on the floor. Don’t make a move” yellowed Marines.

The Iraqi guys made moves to hold their weapons. One U.S. marine guy pointed his rifle at Kashim.

“Don’t shoot. They won’t hurt us.” Fernando shouted and came in front of the Marine.

For the marine guy, Fernando wearing Muslim cloth, who spoke in Mexican accent looked like one of Iraqi insurgents.

“You, Al Qaeda, terrorist!” The Marine guy shouted back and shot at Fernando.

Fernando fell down on the floor. The blood oozed out from his chest. Fernando died.

The Marines noticed other three Americans sat still and several Iraqi guys making moves on the floor.

Kashim and some of the other guys took the guns. The Marines aimed their rifles at the Iraqi guys.

Suddenly, “Don’t shoot them” screamed Loretta.

She stood up and put her body between the marines and the Iraqis. She was looking at the Marines face to face. Behind her back, the Iraqi guys aiming their hand guns at the Marines.  

Right after her screaming, she heard bang, bang, two shots. She felt the strong pain and found herself falling down losing consciousness. She got shots. The bullets got through her body. She felt the bullets came from front, not from back.

She said to herself “This is the last moment of my life.”



  Loretta woke up. She was sleeping on the bed. She found herself alive. She also found herself in the hospital room alone. Her body got several tubes inserted. The respirator was on her mouth. Seemed like she got surgery.

She moved her hand. Looked like that was the only movable part of her body. She found nurse call button. She pressed that by her thumb. Then she took the respirator off her face.


Sounds of the running steps were heard. She got frightened. The soldiers were coming. She could not make move except her right hand.


The door of the room was opened. Following a nurse woman, familiar face showed up.

“Daddy” She wanted to shout but could not raise the voice. Her throat got totally numbed.

“Loretta, you woke up. Great! We’ve been so worried about you” said Loretta’s father, Timothy Bolton, the president of HOX TV, Bolton family’s broadcasting company, and Bolton Industry Corp.

“We are now in secured Green Zone. We’ve already arranged transfer back to the U.S. Don’t worry. After all, you proved yourself hero of our country.”

“Hero?” she could not understand the meaning of that word. She knew she never was because she defended the Iraqi insurgents which the U.S. army call “Terrorists.”

She wondered what happened after she was shot at that site. What happened to the Iraqis and other people? She remembered Fernando died. He was killed by the Marines. Where were Kevin and John? Were they safe?  

“Why don’t you have something to eat? You haven’t had any for a few days” said Timothy to the nurse.

“I will make a call to our home in L.A. and make announcement that our hero daughter Loretta woke up and still alive to the public.” Loretta wanted to respond but only what she could do was dropping tears from her eyes. Timothy understood the situation and then kissed his daughter’s cheek.

“I love you, Sweetie. I will be back in a minute.”


Timothy left the room. Loretta became alone in the room. She found TV screen in front of her bed and remote on the right side of her bed. She picked up the remote and switched on. HOX news channel was aired.

“Our Hero, Loretta got out of critical condition after she was being shot by Iraqi terrorists two days ago. Although she is still in coma, she is in the process of recovering and transferred back to her homeland soon.” A famous anchorman, Jim O’Really spoke.

“What is going on?” she shouted in her mind.

“Let me speak with Mr. Kevin Graham, the president of New Age Technology. He was captive with Loretta at the terrorists’ house. Thank you for joining.”

Kevin showed up on the screen and responded. “Thank you, Jim.”

“Kevin, what do you want to say to Loretta when she recovers?”

“Well, all I want to say is “Thank you for saving my life. You are America ’s Greatest Hero. She really was. She stood in front of the terrorists and got shot down by them. She blocked the bullets from me and even Marine rescuers. It was right after Fernando was shot by the terrorists. Then after she was shot, the Marines killed all of the Al Qaeda terrorists. We were saved. The things wouldn’t  have worked that way without Loretta’s brave action.” Kevin said smiling.

“Oh, you really have to thank her all your life. She was a very brave woman. She was not just good singer or actress” said O’Really inspirationally.

That is not true, Loretta shouted in her mind.

“Hey, wait a minute! Great news came. Loretta recovered from coma condition. She is awake and able to speak. Here is a message from her. “Dear American People, I apologize for making anti-America statement for the Al Qaeda although I was threatened to do so. Now I am freed thanks to the Marines and the U.S. government. I thank all of you for what I am now. God bless America !” Oh, what a wonderful woman she is! We are all proud of her.”

She could not resist seeing O’Really’s face. He was like puppet. Being told to say what her family wants to tell the public, not his opinion. O’Really continued.

“The United States government is considering awarding Loretta with a medal for what she did.  Meanwhile, John McCaine, U.S. ground force soldier was charged with treason for not making good efforts to guard Loretta and Kevin while escorting them to the base. He even became corporative with the terrorists. He was like Micheal Moore. Now we will continue the interview with Kevin after these messages” and then screen turned to be commercial.

The commercial for corporate mainframe security software started. After 10 seconds, logo and copy of the sponsor company appeared “New Age Technology Inc, Most reliable System in the World.”

Kevin, such knavish! He made up all of this with her family. But not for Loretta but for his own good.  


Loretta changed the channel. It was MTV airing pop song video clip. The song was John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to change.”


Me and all my friends
We're all misunderstood

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's hard to beat the system
When we're standing at a distance
So we keep waiting

And when you trust your television

What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, They can bend it all they want

It's not that we don't care,
We just know that the fight ain't fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change”


She was impressed by the song. She realized the world she was living was all illusion. She realized how she was being spoiled and ignorant.



This story is copywrighted by Masagata, Don't steal or copy it. Thanks for reading.

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