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19 July 2009

Short Novel: Bauhausler, Chapter 3

A story of Japanese woman who experienced Bauhaus art and love romance in Berlin, early 1930's when Nazis came to power.


Please read introduction first.

On next day, when she was going out to have lunch after morning class was over, she met Peter at the entrance of school building.
"Hallo, Peter" she greeted.
Peter smiled to her holding a rose in his hand. He stood beside a black car wearing uniform and swastika.
"I just came here to invite you to a dinner party held at Nazi Berlin office."
Peter said handing her the rose. Peter was very pleased with the rose.
"Danke schonn. I am free tonight. I'd love to go. What kind of dinner party is it going to be?" asked Masako.
"You can meet high ranking people of our Storm Troopers (SA) and Nazis. You can persuade them to continue studying at this school."
Peter replied with confidence.
"How sweet of you. Yes, I am sure I can persuade them."
Peter was confident, too.
"I will pick you up tonight around 8 o'clock. Meet here and I'll take you."
Peter went back to the black car.
"You shouldn't be there tonight. Nazis wouldn't treat you so well."
Marcus Weiss suddenly spoke standing just next to her. She was surprised he saw the two talking.
"Meister, I can help this school. I will ask them not to disturb us any more" said Masako.
"I don't think you can. They are racist and dangerous. They wouldn't listen to people like you."
"I mean, Japanese woman?" Masako asked.
"Well, we, Bauhausler. They hate us. They are the people of intolerance" said Marcus.
"Believe me, Meister. I can make a magic" said Masako looking at him fiercely.
"Well, do what you want. It is free country. But be careful."
Marcus said worryingly.
"Don't worry. I will be careful" said Masako.
"Please tell me how the party is later. I want to know what they are thinking."
"Of course. I will inform you to help this school."

After school Masako bought a dress on the main street and took a shower at her apartment.
She dressed up as she does as a upper class girl. She put make-up and wore a neckless and earings. She was very excited being with Peter and seeing Nazi people.

Masako went to the school entrance around 8 o'clock. Peter was already there. The two got in the car and drove to Nazi Party Building. Nazi Party was largest political entity in Deutcheland under Weimar Republic.

The dinner party, attended by Masako, Peter, some of SA officials including Captain Ernst Rohm and Nazi officials including Chairman of the Parliament Hermann Goring started with soft atmosphere.

"Guten Abend, everyone. Tonight we invited a very beautiful lady from far east. Fraulien Masako Chikano. She is a daughter of Baron Chikano in Japan. She is now studying as a Bauhaus student here in Berlin. Tonight if we are lucky, our fuhrer would visit this place. He is coming back here from nationwide speech campaign trip" said Goring.
She was delighted being at the table. People looked at her smilingly. She sat next to Peter and in front of Goring and Captain Rohm. Goring and Rohm looked very powerful middle age gentlemen to her. She felt very excited. Rohm said he came here from Munchen, where SA headquarter is.
"I do not understand why such a beautiful peer lady like you came here all the way from Japan to study that nonsense art. You have many other things to learn here in this country" said Rohm drinking beer.
"I agree with you, Captain. Germany has many wonderful things to learn. My family admires German culture science, philosophy and all other things. My father studied in Bonne University. I learned German since I was small by a German tutor at home. I enjoy German opera such as Lohengrin and Parsifal. Japan acquired so many things from Germany such as imperial constitution and military expertise. I would like to learn any sort of things from Germany."
Masako replied very gently and politely.
"Surprised. Your country is so far away from our land. How come you can be interested in us. We don't have things in common, do we. Are we bonded together somehow?" said Goring curiosly.
Masako thought of how to respond to his question for a while and then she looked at Nazi flag, Swastika hanged on the wall.

"Maybe that flag can explain how we are common" said Masako.
"Flag, Swastika?" said Goring looking at her strangely.
"Yes, that flag reminds me of our nation" said Masako.
"Interesting. Explain that to us" said Goring. All of attendees at the table looked at her curiosly.
Masako explained in confidence.
"The flag has white circle in red. Our flage is opposite, red circle in white. But the same shape. Plus that crossing of two bent lines is familiar to us. It is used as symbol of Budhist temples, called "Manji." You can find anywhere in Japanese towns or cities. I am attracted to that flag just as Germans here are."



"Really? That crossing of bent lines, Hakenkreuz represents Aryan. We are Aryan, not Budhist or others. We preserve tradition. That is our way of living. All the Germans should follow. I do not think Bauhaus is part of such tradition."
Goring turned to be unfriendly. The atomosphere changed.
Masako didn't know how to react.

"Don't push her too hard, Goring. She is frightened. She is our guest. Jasper invited her as our welcome guest. Her explanation makes sense. The root of Aryan was India. That is where Budhism was born That is what she meant, isn't it" said Rohm. 
"Yes, Captain. That is what I mean. We are connected throught India" said Masako delightedly. She was relieved that an stubborn-type guy Ernst Rohm helped her. 

Goring smiled to her and the atmosphere changed.
"Well, I support your argument. Your attraction to our nation should be real one. I still don't get why you are studying Bauhaus but your being in this country certainly benefits us. I could witness a world's most stubborn guy turned to be a big lady lover. You did a great job" he said.

Some of the attendees laughed. She did not understand what was funny. She looked at Rohm. He looked embarassed. Then she looked at Peter sitting next to her. He looked embarrassed as well. She found out Captain Rohm did not try to help her but Peter.  
"Oh, no again!" she shouted in her mind.

To be continued to Chapter 4.

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11 July 2009

Traditional Japanese male underwear

It is just nice to wear. When most Japanese wore kimono casually like until early 20th century, they wore this underwear under kimono. 

It is called "Fundoshi (Loincloth)."  



I became a traditional man. I will try to wear traditional Japanese kimono casually like I wear T-shirts and jeans.

Recently kimono has become more popular among youngsters. More Japanese say they love their country and its traditional culture ,not foreign ones than before. Well, that sounds good.


We have to realise how important to preserve Japan's tradition.

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05 July 2009

TV drama: "Cashmere Mafia" Elite women in America

I just happen to rent a DVD of this TV show. A story of 4 successful working women in New York.

Lucy Liu, Chinese American actress seems to be a main character. This is surprising thing. Asian woman took a main role in a popular soapopera.

The story features America's latest social movement but some of the things depicted were kind of surprise to me, even in 21st century American society is still conservative like Lucy Liu character's fiance cancelled engagement after she got promoted a head of him, a housewife woman harasses a working woman, and a top executive woman do not want to divorce her husband although he had an affair with another woman. 


But the drama in fact reflects today's social movement such as openly lesbian relationship. Not just lesbian but also interracial.


America has really changed.


But this is the story of elites, tip of the big American society, that doesn't represent avarage of the society.

Actually most American women in the same age group as them are struggling to survive, working at much lower wages, cannot afford medical insurance, auto insurance and college education for their children. Such harsh reality was described in a novel I wrote on this blog.


Pathetic, poor working class people are watching this show to escape from the reality they face. They dream of becoming rich and successful elites while watching this show.

I, myself grew up so I cannot enjoy such phony show any more like when I was younger. I know it is just an illusion.  

I do not admire America any more. The below photo is my current image of America. Sorry.