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26 June 2009

Micheal & Farrah died; The End of Era

Today was a big news day for showbiz.

The king of Pop Star, Micheal Jackson died of heart attack and one of the hottest angel of "Charlie's Angels", Farrah Fewcett died of cancer.

Two big icons of American entertainment died. Both of them were very familiar to me.

I remember when Micheal Jackson visited Japan in 1980's. He stayed in Japan for more than 40 days.

He really liked Japan and gave big compliments to our country. He said something like "In Japan shy people like me can be welcomed unlike the U.S."

Did it mean he was not welcome in the U.S.?

The other big star, Farrah Fewcett was one of the casts of my favourite show "Charlie's Angels."

Actually I liked Cheryl Ladd who acted as her sister better.

The three beautiful women acted as detective. The story was made into film.

I like the episode that Cheryl Ladd and Farrah Fewcett were together as sisters.


But Micheal and Farrah are gone.

Not only that, my image of America of those days were gone, too. America is not dream country any more.

Actually I hate that country although I had lived there for more than 5 years.

Maybe since I learned the U.S. Navy decided to deploy nuclear aircraft carrier in Yokosuka.

But America has drastically changed recently since 911, war in Iraq and financial crisis.

The End of Era.

Even Obama, the first Black man to be the president of the U.S. work too well, the things would not be much better.

This article describes why.


Good bye, Micheal, Angel and the era of America!


21 June 2009

"Auld Lang Syne" is very nice song

This was in fact Scottish folk song.

The song for rememberance and friendship. In 19th century the song was introduced to Japan and was used as martial song.

Japanese translated version "Hotaru no Hikari, The glow of a firefly" was for promotion of patriotism and imperialism.

I learned this song when I was small. Recently I enjoyed the song in the war story film "Umi-yukaba."

The story took place in early 20th century, when Japanese sailors fought against Russian fleet.

When the battle ship departed from Japanese imperial navy's port, Sasebo. This tune was played on the ship by its brass-band.

The sailors were waving their hand to the local people who were waving national flags to them.

The battleship was called "Mikasa." I have strong spritual connection with the ship.

I remember when I first visited Yokosuka to join the protest activity against deployment of USS George Washington last year.

I was invited to the ship by the souls of the sailors. At first I tried to get to the office of the activist group from the train station, but I got lost and after a while I found myself standing in front of the ship exhibited in the marine park.


The Mikasa was flagship of Japanese imperial Navy in early 20th century. During Russo-Japan war (1904-05) the ship and its fleet struck down Russian imperial navy's Baltic fleet in Sea of Japan. Japan won Russian Empire. The ship was built by British. Japan was supported by Great Britain in the war. British did not allow Baltic fleet to pass Suez Canal so that the Russian fleet had to spend more time, supply and coals to reach Japan's sea.

We owe a lot to Great Britain but unfortunately two nations fought against each other in the war later.   

I recently found a good video clip for the song. The background image is scenes from a classical film "Waterloo Bridge" which Vivien Leigh, an actress who also starred in the very famous classical film "Gone with the Wind." I don't know who sang the song. I wish some day I would be able to listen to the song sang by a famous British singer, Suan Boyle.


13 June 2009

Became a free walking tour guide for Imperial Palace

Today, I have become a guide for free walking tour guide for Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Though I am not a professional guide but I speak English so I joined the volunteer activity.

It was nice. Today I and other two guides started the tour from Tokyo Station.


There were 10 people gathered at the exit. They were from Canada, Australia, Sweden and North Carolina (U.S.A).

After explaining to them history and current renovation plan of Tokyo Station, we took them to Tokyo's most famous tourist spot, Imperial Palace. 


We explained to them how the castle was protected from invaders, such as surrounding mort, Stone Walls, Trap gate, and checkpoints.

We talked about middle age to modern time history of Japan as to how the country was developed into a unified nation.

It was sunny and hot day. They really seemed to enjoy the tour.

If you are living in Tokyo or have a chance to visit here, why don't you join the tour.


The tour is held every Saturday afternoon at 1PM. Gather at the Marunouchi central exit of Tokyo Station.

Straight-ahead is Imperial Palace. 

See you there!!

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07 June 2009

Short Novel: Bauhausler, Chapter 2

Japanese woman who experienced Bauhaus art and turmoil in 1930's Germany.


Please read from introdcution first.

She woke up and found herself lying on a sofa in a small room. The young man was in front of her watching her worriedly. She remembered after she collapsed, this man lifted her in his arms and took her body to this room. She really felt comfortable in his arms.
"Are you alright?" said the young man.
"Yeah, I am fine. I am sorry I lost conscious" Masako responded.
"Ich bin (I am) Peter Jasper. I am the leader of Storm Troopers Berlin Branch. Did you faint because of me and my subordinates coming into the classroom?"
The young man said apologetically.
"Mein name ist Masako Chikano. I am a student from Japan. Well, I was really shocked because my dream was almost breaking down."
"Your dream?" said Peter.
"Yes, it is to learn great art of Germany, this Bauhaus" said Masako.
"Bauhaus isn't German art. This is art of inmorality" said Jasper laughingly.
"I came all the way from Japan to start a new life here in Berlin" said Masako putting her hand on his shoulder.
"A beautiful woman like you can find something better than Bauhaus" said Jasper.
"But that is the only thing I can get. My final choice was here." Masako looked at Jasper very sadly. Jasper's face turned very apologetic.
"I don't want to see a sad face of such a beautiful woman like you. I guess our team can stay away from this school for the moment. Maybe I can do something to help you."
Jasper said smilingly. Masako was stunned. She trapped one German guy. She was delighted.
"Oh, Vier Danke! Peter. I am so glad. I owe you a lot. I can continue making my dream come true."
"But just one condition. This is temporary measure. Plus, I need something for return" said Jasper.
"Oh, what is it?" Masako asked.
"Why don't we have a date? Meet somewhere else alone later" said Jasper.
"Sure. Let's do that. I'd love to." Masako said that delightedly. She was really delighted. She made sure she got a new life here in Berlin.

Backside of the door of the room which the couple was in. Meister Marcus Weiss overhead the conversation between the two. Marcus was relieved and glad what she did.

Next day, at school, Meister Weiss spoke to the class.
"Today, we would like to show you a thing that can represent Bauhaus concept. Unification of art and technology. See this."
He showed Japanese fan. It was folded. Weiss looked at Masako. Masako was surprised to see it. Far away from Japan, she saw Japanese traditional good as very modern art prodcut. She wondered what he was trying to tell.
"This Japanese fan is very functional. It is folded compact but it can be open like this." Marcus opened the fan as he said that.
The students in the class were surprised to look at beautiful drawing of the fan. The drawing was traditional Japanese artwork.
Then Marcus said, "You not only enjoy the beauty of a fan but you can use it to blow the air."
He waved the fan to his face and said "How nice to use it in hot summer!"
Masako stood up from a chair and came up to Marcus. 
"Meister, I can show you other way to use this fan. Please hand this to me."
Marcus handed the fan to her. She took it and suddenly danced holding the fan in her hand.
That was traditional Japanese dance, Nichibu, usually done wearing in kimono. She wore a western casual clothe like other students but danced as she did in kimono. Flipping the fan, turning around like batterfly.
The class and Marcus were stunned to view her dancing. She knew how to dance since she was a child as part of upper class education.
After a few minutes, she stopped dancing, everyone in the classroom clapped their hands.
"Beautiful, Masako" said Marcus smiling.

She trapped two guys in Berlin.

To be continued to Chapter 3.

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