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26 August 2012

Translated Novel: "Let's Fundoshi" Chapter 3

A Candadin man experiences FUNDOSHI, Japanese traditional male underwear, swimming suit and custume for festival.

Read Chapter 1 first.

"Hi, May I help you?" a very poweful voice from a middle age man was heard.
Inside was small dining place with several tables and a counter. Over the counter was the big fat middle age man who seems like the restaurant master.

"Long time no see, Gen-san" said Yuriko. They seems to be aquaintances.
"Hi, Yuri-chan, Such a long time we haven't seen each other. Is that a guy the rumor tells your Canadian husband?"
"Yes, his name is Jacques."
Jacques smiled at Gen-san and greeted saying "Nice to meet you, I'm Jacques."

"Oh, you really chose a very nice guy, didn't you. You have great talent of choosing a quality man."
Yuriko looked a little embarrassed by his words.
"Now get in. Jacques-san. I treat you dinner. I've got a great fish. This is celebration for reunion with Yuri-chan and meeting with her new partner, Jacques-san, a very handsome husband."
Jacques thought localies are nice. They seems not type of outsider hater as Yuriko described. He thought he would be getting along if he could try politely.

After Jacque and Yuriko sat down at a table, Gen brought sake and glasses to the table and poured sake into their glasses.
"How is Taro doing these days? I heard he went to England" said Yuriko.
Taro. Very first name he heard. Who is he?
"Well, he was such a stupid boy. After all, he went back to Japan. He tried to imitate what you are doing and study abroad. But he could never get used to living in foreign country."
"Does that mean he went back here?"

Yuriko sounded kind of strange whe she said that. What is wrong with her?
"Yeah, he knows you came back. But he is so ashamed of seeing you. You came back home with such a handsome husband. He can never see you."
Suddenly sound of door opening was heard.
"Hey, speaking of" said Gen.

"Taro, long time no see" said Yuriko. In front of her was young boy who looked the same age as she. He really looked local young boy with cute face. The face resembles the restaurant master, meaning son of the master. The height was as tall as Yuriko. Not big but his body was muscular.

"Yuri-chan" said Taro. He seems very close to her. Taro looked at Jacques.
"Is he your husband?"
"Yes, he is. His name is Jacques."

Taro looked at him very strangely. Jacques smiled and said "nice meeting you." He should have said "I've heard so much about you" in that situation but he never heard of him. Why didn't she ever talk about him? The answer to the question was known by his face and action he took right after this. 

"Yuri-chan, why are you doing this? Do you want to make me more miserable than ever? You are Japanese girl but why did you marry a foreigner?"
"Taro" said Yuriko looking so guilty.
Behind Yuriko Gen said "Taro, shame on you. It can't be helped. She got really crazy about this foreign guy. That is the way it is. You should grow up". Taro started to drop tears from his eyes.
Then Gen shouted angrily "You do such a shameful thing as being Japanese boy, Nihon Danji." Taro immediately stayed away from the place and ran away.
Yuriko looked at him running away and dropped tears as well.
"What is wrong, Yuri?" said Jacques.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jacques-san, you make both Japanese girl and boy cry. Sucha a naughty guy!" said Gen. His words made them uncomfortable.
"Let's go out," said Yuriko. She took Jacques's arm and got out of the restaurant. They walked for a while and got in dark beach.
"Tell all about this" Jacques asked Yuriko.
Yuriko told him all about what just happened. 

Taro and Yuriko were friends from childhood. Taro and Gen were local fishermen and managed the restaurant "Nihon Danji." From childhood they promised to marry when they grew up. But thing has changed since Yuriko was awarded scholarship to attend college in Canada by winning English speech contest in high school. She wanted to enroll college after high school graduation but enrolling in Japanese college is too expensive. Scholarship was free and enabled her to attend foreign college and speak English. She thought it would be beneficial for her life. Then she flew to Canada telling Taro to be patient until her graduation of the college.

But she met Jacques in Canda and got married to him. One of the reasons she never wanted to go back home was Taro's presence.
Taro got so shocked when he heard the news Yuriko got married in Canada. He once thought of flying to Canada to get back Yuriko. He decided to study English hard to confront Jacques but he was very poor in English. He saved money for studying English in England. Then he went there and studied some English for a year but he came back after he found he was never good at English. Now he saw her again in hometown very miserably.
"Sorry, I never told you that."
"It is OK. I understand why you never wanted to" said Jacques kindly thinking what a trouble he got, so that he should not see Taro again while he was in this town.  

Continued to Chapter 4.

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19 August 2012

Film"Julie & Julia" How fun it is to write blog!

A young woman who lived in New York decided to write blog on her try on all of recipes wriitten on America's most famous cooking personality named Julia Child.

After she completed all the recipes, she became famous for her blog. That was a true story.

The movie itself wasn't so impressive. Kind of typical and exaggerated. Just one thing that impressed me was writing blog indeed changes your life.

Is it every blogger's dream that your own personal blog became so famous that a lot of people read it and make a fortune?

Even you can't have so many readers and make so much money by that, you can still enjoy writing blog. Sometimes you get comments which impresses you. Even small number of readers that are impressed and tell you how they feel about it, that is good enough.

I am experiencing that. It is just fun to share your life experience with other people whom you have never seen. Like Julia, when you start something new and want to complete, you should declare that on blog, then that can be the promise with other people and that can motivate you to go on, not easily giving up.

Plus, taking notes of every progress teaches you how to manage yourself regarding what you do later on.

I like blog.

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12 August 2012

Translated Novel: "Let's Fundoshi" Chapter 1

This is translation of Japanese novel on my Japanese blog site. The original title of the novel was "Nihon Danji wo Yamerarenai (Can't stop being Japanese traditionl man).

A Candadin man experiences FUNDOSHI, Japanese traditional male underwear, swimming suit and custume for festival.

Jacques Charbonneau was a Canadian man born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He belogns to majority of that reigion, so called "French Canadian."

From his childhood, he spoke French at home. His parents and relatives were all French Canadians. But he spoke English at school. Half of his friends were Englisha dn the other half were French.

Therefore his native languages were both Englisha and French. He was a billingual but since he entered Tronto University in State of Ontario, one more language was added and then he became tringual. The third language was Japanese.

Why he studied Japanese was he met a Japanese girl named Yuriko Watanabe, whom he fell in love with. She could speak English but he wanted to speak to her directly in her mother's language. The he chose Japanese as his major. With help of Yuriko, he mastered Japanese. His Japanese was excellent so that even Yuriko said that he could speak like Japanese national. He graduated from Japanese department of the university with top rank. After graduation, he started translation and interpretation among English, French, and Japanese. Afterwards, Yuriko became an important job partner and finally a partner in his private life.

When they got married, Yuriko's father, Taizo Watanabe flew to Canada and approved their marriage. The wedding was held in a small church with attendance of small number of people. Taizo was her only family member since her mother was already dead and she was the only child for Taizo.

Jacques wanted to visit Yuriko's hometown but he had been busy for his work and he was too afraid of flying. He could not have chance to visit Japan. He always regretted that he never visited his wife's hometown. He thought he should overcome flying phobia and visit Japan. He could speak Japanese fluently but he could only use it to his wife and Japanese living in Canada.

Yuriko never recommended Jacques to visit Japan. Her hometown was one of most conservative place so localies never welcome a foreign white man like Jaques. She heard that localies did not think her marriage to a foreigner was a good thing. So They thought they did not have to regret it.

But in the third year of their marriage, the couple had to visit Japan. Taizo got sick and was hospitalized. He got out of the hospital but had to stop working and stay home for rehabilitation. A woman who lived nearby sometimes visited him to see how he was but he seemed so depressed that Yuriko should look after him to help him recover his condition.

Yuriko was so worried that the two decided to go there. Translation work could be done even after they moved to Japan as long as they could maintain internet access. They checked the IT environment there and found out there was no problem doing it.

Jacques stood for more than 10 hour flight and finally arrived in Kansai International Airport in Japan. The two travelled to her hometown, Awai Town. The town was on the coastal line of the Sea of Japan in Chugoku region, it was a fishery town. From her home, spectacular ocean view was seen from a window. Taizo gladly welcomed Yuriko and Jaques after a long absence. Taizo was a local fisherman.

They used the room Yuriko had used from her childhood. They started getting along as family. Jacques found Taizo very weak comparing what he saw at the wedding. He got thinner and looked pale. He was as tall as Yuriko but looked smaller than before. He wished he would come back his fishery work afte he regained health. He thought about how to deal with him. Jaques called hime "Otosan (Father)" like Yuriko did.

A week has passed. Things happened as expected. Localies called him "Gaijin (Foreigner)." They spoke about him behind him but they never greeted. They treated hime like outsider. He tried to understand what they said but the language they used was blended with strong accent and dialect. With Yuriko's help. Jacques gradually understood what they said.

Even after they understood the language, living in conservative and closed community was hard for him. Furthermore he was a tall white Canadian. Some stayed away just by looking at him. He was appearently discriminated.

One more troubling thing happened, that was because of season he visited.

Hot and humid climate. It was far different from where he grew up. Even Montreal could get as hot as 30 degree but such hotness was what he never experienced before. It was because of Japan's humidity.

He got sweat very soon. Japanese got used to it but Jacques never resist such wet feeling. He was adapted to the coldness but not such humidity sweating so much.

His body finally responded to it. He got eczema. It was itchy and reditsh. He could not stop scratching. What should he do? He came over to help his father in law recover but he, himself became sick.

Yuriko advised him to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed his symptom. The result was "latex allergy" in other way, it is called "Rubber allergy."
Jacques asked a doctor "Why did I get such allergy?"
"It is because of underwear you are wearing. The rubber band got soaked and melted down to your skin. Japan's humid summer melted rubber and got into your body that caused allergy symptom. Unless you stop wearing it, it can never be cured."

"You tell me never to wear underwear? Oh, no!" Jacques was shocked to hear that. It was never comfortable living without undewear. Especially for men it was necessary to tighten private zone to stay normal.

"Since you can't wear conventional underwear, we advise patients to wear something else instead" the doctor said showing him white long cloth.


Continued to Chapter 2.

05 August 2012

1979 Film "The China Syndrome" turns out to "The Japan Syndrome"

Jane Fonda played as ambitious journalist who happened to witness a very serious nuclear accident, that revealed how ridiculous nuclear industry functioned seeking profit in priority to safety.

When it was first shown in public, Three Mile Island accident occurred. The film seemed to be a preview of that accident. Since then, there was no new nuclear power plant constructed in the US except military purpose.

Now the same type and even much more severe accident occurred last year in Japan, Fukushima accident. The China Syndrome-like phenomenon occurred. Nuclear fuels may have melted down to the ground and theoretically went to the opposite side of the earth. No one yet knows how serious the damage was.   

I actually watched the film several years ago on TV. At that time it was just suspense action film to me. Now I watched the film on DVD I bought. It was totally different story to me. It was no longer fiction. All the words and events occurred in the film were too much familiar to me, and other ordinary Japanese. I fully understand why water level in a reactor is important in terms of managing nuclear energy.

I also learned "No Nukes" movement existed even before Fukushima, Chernobyl and TMI.

It was very much late 1970's style film. Anti-big power type of message was in as anti-Vietnam war activist played main role and detailed and obvious description of how greedy the corporations are. Late 1970's was post-Vietnam war era, which people have become suspicous of authorities.

In fact we have to, we always had to. In reality everyone had been too much reliant on authorities, believing what they say is true.

Now we have changed such attitude since Fukushima. Less people believe what politicians, scientists say. People take actions gathering near the parliament building and prime minister's office, demanding direct voting on nuclear energy policy.

I hope this movement would be called "The Japan Syndrome."  

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