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23 March 2008

Does U.S. have right to accuse China of Tibet?

From last week until early in the next month would mark 5th anniversary of the major combat of the Iraq War.

There was a demonstration march to call for the U.S to end the war in Tokyo. The city also had a march to call for China to end the oppression against Tibet.

Japan's position is kind of complicated for the both issues. Japan helped your country with the war and occupation in Iraq sending troops there.

As for China,  we invaded China in the past and currently we have been having controvesy over historical issues with them, such as how to acknowledge Nanking Massacre, and PM's Yausukuni shirine visits. It is just like Germany's position in Palestinean issues with Israel. Well, Germans have made up their mind to admit their faults. But we haven't done it enough.

American politicians criticize China for oppressing Tibetan. But I want to say, what about the U.S. for what they have done to Iraqis!

Tens of thousands of civilians were killed. Proportion of one out of 6 Iraqi have become refugees. They live lives without clean water, electricity and safety. You might insist Iraqi were liberated from tyranny like Hussein. But after Hussein, what is left is anarchism, division of the nation, and worsening the security.

American army dumped depleted uranium weapons that are very hazardous to human bodies with high level of radioactive. Iraqi were worried whenver they give birth to a child as if they get a defective baby.   

Hussein was a monstrous dictator but he could at least maintain the minimum infrastructure for his people's lives. The U.S. never thought of what to do after Hussein regime was toppled. That is totally different from the U.S. occupation strategy of Japan and Germany. There was no strategy for Iraq.

Please think of your own problems before accusing others of human rights violation. Not only things related to Iraq, but also domestic ones such as health insurance, poverty and etc. Your government is not so different from Arabic dictators who use anti-Israel and anti-U.S. propaganda to distract attention from their own citizens who are frustrated with poverty and inequality of the society.


P.S. I am writing a novel on this blog that points out the above issues. If you read the story and learn the things you have to be aware of.   

11 December 2005

Met with the survivors of Nanking Masscre

Yesterday I went to the meeting to hear the testimonies of Nanking Masscre survivors. Two people showed up and talked about their experience in ther villages near the former Chinese capitol, Nanking, December 1937. They are very old people. One of them is 85 year-old man, and the other is 77 year-old woman. They were child at the time the masscre occured.

Japanese army came into their villages. The stories they told the audience (mostly Japanese) were horrible. Their parents were killed in front of them.

The old man's villagers were gathered on the ground and shot by machine-guns. 23 of them were all together killed and later stabbed by the swords. The old man was saved but sexually abused by the soldiers.



The old lady's mother was shot to death in front of her and she was also shot in her hand. Her life had changed greatly since then. She had to be married to someone for her life at the age of 12 or 13.

After the meeting I walked past the Parliament Building. The meeting was held near the parliament. It was very peaceful place. See the picture in the Photo Gallery. The contrast between the stories of the survivors and the landscape of the capitol was so big.

The reality was they are co-related. That place made a decision to dispatch troops to China at that time and caused them such painful memories. Yet the goverment has not compensated the victims. Some of the politicians expressed apologies but always after that, some of the cabinet members said something to turn down. Current prime minister visited war crimials' shrine. Their stance is so inconsistent.

Some so called right wingers are trying to rewrite the history. They believe nothing bad was done by Japanese army. They think or want to think the atrocities were made up by Chinese.

This nation is on the crisis. Now is such an important time to strengthen relationship with neighboring Asian nations but top politicians who have to place importance on national interests are deteriorating that. Unless Japan reviews and compensates the past atrocities, we will have no future.  


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15 April 2005

Why Chinese are angry with Japanese!

I've heard from one Japanese student living in Shanghai that those who participated in the demonstration march were small portion of Chinese. China has a big population. Even 20,000 demonstrators is not big scale.

It is said Chinese government is using anti-Japan sentiment to distract people's attention from failures of the government's economic policy that created wider gap between the rich and the poor.

But yes there are problems on our side which provoked such riots.

One is Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine that enshrined A-class war criminals of WWII. A-class war criminals were political leaders of that time including PM Tojo who ordered to attack Pearl Harbor. They are the invaders for Chinese but heroes or victims for Japanese right wingers. Koizumi and ruling party is backed up by such right wingers. The right wingers claim Tokyo tribunal that convicted A-class war criminals was unfair because the judges there were all from victors' countries. Also they claim Japan's war in China and against US was just war.

The other reason is related to the right wingers' interpretation of the history between China and Japan. They believe Japan is always right. They believe we should deny any unfavourble facts in our history such as atrocities in Nanjing, 1937. They've been campaigning to delete such facts from textbooks with politicians.

As a result, this year's newly published textbooks reduced such facts telling from previous edition.

This is outrageous. The right wingers believe it is good for our country. No. They are wrong. They are just embrassing our country.

As for A-class war criminals, I agree with their claim of unfairness of the court at that time, but we have to be aware of their responsibilities of the wrong corrupt war.

The below picture is taken in Nanjing (Nanking) last September. I was at the grave of victims of Nanking Masscre. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were brutally murdered by Japanese army.

I do not support the riots but I understand the anger of Chinese people.

11 April 2005

China was splendid!

I am now just back from China. I visited Beijing and its neighboring cities.

Beijing was beautiful. I visited Forbidden city where last emperor lived, The great wall that was built thousands of years ago. I saw cute pandas.

Chinese people were so kind to me. I could never imagine in the past the two nations fought each other.

What was surprising to me is although China is known as communist nation, there were many capitalistic American things in the city. I saw KFC, McDonald, and HBO.

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