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31 May 2005

Iraqi lives are less important than ES cells

I've heard the news that President Bush opposes ES cell research because human embryos are destroyed in the process of harvesting the cells.

Then how come he permitted the bombing of Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians?

For those who supported Bush, Iraqi lives are less important than ES cells?

What is the definition of "human lives" for Americans?

05 March 2005

Since 911, America is changed!

The above picture was taken on the top of WTC, July 1993.

I remember it was after car bomb in the parking floor of the building. So the guide described why the security got so tighten. But I never expected 911 tragedy would happen at the place I was in. I really want to express my condolence for the victims of 911. I might have been there, too.

However, I cannot understand why America went so mad since that day.

I understand it is so difficult for you to face the reality of the world and review why such tragedy happened, why your country became a target for the terrorists.

I, as one Japanese citizen do not think bombing afghanistan, and Iraq would help diminish the terrorism. Even if you capture Binladen, number of the terrorists wouldn't decrease.

Isn't America the country that respects diversity of the culture?

Isn't America so sophisticated society that can see thing objectively, rather than emotionally or subjectively?

That is why some of the Americans can feel sorry for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and criticize what your country has done to our country although you are the winner of the war and we are the former enemy.

I am hoping America would be as it should be. I want to believe FOX news channel doesn't represent the voice of America.

02 March 2005

Don't blame you for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I am Japanese and identify myself as patriot and pacifist.

In my country, there is an enormous criticism for that US dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, I do not agree with those who criticise your country for that matter.

The following is the reasons for that,

1) Japan was the first one who started the war. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor first. Once the war is started, the rules are maximum damage on the enemy's side, the minimum damage on your side. The nation knew it when it started the war and the rules would continue until it wins or surrenders.

2) Japan did brutal masscre of civilians like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During 1930's and US-Japan war time, Japanese army occupied China and masscred enoumous number of civilians. One of the examples is Rape of Naking in 1937. Not revewing such facts, we shouldn't blame others' brutality. In fact, we haven't reviewed the past brutality enough like Germans did.

However, I do not support US's dropping atomic bombs because civilian casualties should not happen and it started the age of nuclear war.

What do you think about my opinion?

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