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31 October 2014

Film "Grace of Monaco" Monaco is like the imperial palace in Tokyo

A biographic story of Grace Kelly who left Hollywood when she was a top star and got married to the Monaco Prince.

I remember TV documentary on her life a long time ago. It was her family's philosophy that leaving the business when he or she is on the top ranking. Not letting anyone see you downgrading.

Indeed, she did.

The film was criticized for historical inaccuracies, so it was noted as fiction based on facts.

But I enjoyed the film because Nicole Kidman who played Grace Kelly was really beautiful.

I first learnt that Monaco's official language was French. The kingdom always had struggles with its fearful neighbor, France.

Maybe getting Grace Kelly married to the royal family was one of biggest strategy to secure their kingdom's soverignty.

Monaco never had military but such a big weapon, the world's most famous celebrity so that no one wanted to destroy the kingdom including her.

A country image is a big thing. Japan has monarchy, emperor Akihito and his family.



Their residence is size of Monaco. One family occupied huge area in the capital but they contribute a lot to the nation. Former emperor, late Hirohito was about to be accused of war criminal but the U.S. force did not indite him because of fear of rebellion from his people that might make occupation difficult.   

The film made me think about Monaco whenever I go to the imperial palace in my city. Actually I am a guide who escorts foreign travelors to the imperial palace. If you want to know more about the tour, please visit this site.


04 January 2010

Saw Our Majesty

On 2nd of January, 2010, I went to the imperial palace to see annual new year greeting by the Emperor Akihito and his family members.

That was the day usually closed area of the palace becomes open to public. People with Rising Sun flags entered the palace and saw the emperor on the palace balcony covered by glass from the ground. He said "I am glad to have new year with all of you."



I am usually asked what the emperor means to us. Well, the answer is nothing. We are told that the emperor is symbol of the State.

But generally, he is far away from us. We know he does exist but we are not interested in him and his family.

I do think I have to appreciate his existence because the emperor functions great deal of our society.

Some claims the imperial system suceeded by bloodline should be abolished but I disagree. The system benefits our nation.

Under the emperor, we are all unified as Japanese. That's a good thing.

The emperor works as great diplomatic tool when it comes to dealing with big nations like China and the U.S.

Last month the emperor met with China's No.2 politician regardless earlier appointment than usual.

That gave a signal to the U.S. that Japan is placing more importance on China than ever.

The U.S. and Japan have a quarrel recently. China has now become a big card for us.


Anyway, I am glad we have such a great imperial system. Imperial system is a tradition of over 1000 years.

A Happy New Year with the Emperor!

06 September 2006

Set up birth of Japanese royal heir

Today, the third child of Princess Kiko who is married to the 2nd prince of Japanese royal family was born. It was a boy.

 So finally Japanese royal family got a legitimate successor under the current royal system. The family have got 3 girls prior to the birth of this boy. Two girls between Princess Kiko and her husband. One girl between 1st prince and his wife. If the system allows female successor. this child birth might not have happened.

 The news of the Princess's pregnancy came coincided with the Parliament debate of changing royal succession system to allow a woman to be in line to the throne. This debate was brought about by the fact that there is no male successor in royal family and then the wife of 1st prince had been distressed because of the pressure to give birth to a boy. She had been mentally ill and is now in Holland to rest hiding from public. It seemed she lost the ability to act as a public person.

 Was it just a coincident that Princess Kiko got pregnant and now gave birth to a boy?

 I do not think so. This should be because Kiko and royal family were concerned about the other Princess.

Kiko is already 39 years old. It is hard for her to give birth to a new child. It seems they set up pregnancy and did the gender selection of the child.

I just feel so awkward. Why should we be so persistent with having a male royal successor? It is now 21st century.

I don't care if the throne was taken over by a woman. In fact I do want to see a queen in the future.

 The conservatives say it is not the issue of gender equality. Royal family is out of the constitution. Their family line has run through male successors. Yes there were some empres in history but they were the daughters of male successors and their children never took over the throne. We should not cut this family line. That is why conservative do not like 3 girls to take over the throne.

If the system cannot work without such sexist and feudal notion, it may be better to abolish such royal system.

It cannot work in such modern time of Japan.

Actually the story of royal family line may be a bit of fiction.  

 There is doubt about the royal family line has gone over 1000 years. There is no concrete evidence that today's emperor shared the famliy line with the first emperor, Jimu. Only the records on the paper. In fact there is a doubt that if the first several emperrors really exist. The average life span of first 8 emperors in history was more than 100 years. It is so hard to belive people of over 1000 years ago could live such long years.

 It is still as mysterious story as "Da vinci Code."  I just simply do not believe such story.

I cannot say "Congratulation" to Princess Kiko and royal family.

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