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13 May 2006

American Architectual Heritage remained in Japan

Last week I went to famous theme park called "Museum Meiji Mura" that exhibites old time buildings in Japan including western style ones which Japan accepted for modernising its society.

It is located in Inuyama, Aichi Japan (Prefecture in the middle region of Japan, 2 hour SuperExpress train ride from Japan).  Please look at http://www.meijimura.com/english/index-e.html

There were beautiful buildings that were transported from where it was. One of the most famous ones is the former Imperial Hotel building which was built in Tokyo, 1923. Only Entrance Hall and the Lobby were exhibited. It was designed by famous American architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. This building experienced a very big earthquake occurred in the year its contruction was completed but it survived.


The inside is below.


It was like a Retro trip.

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25 December 2005

Back from Egypt

I went to Egypt last week. 14 hour flight from Tokyo.

I really had fun visiting pyramids and old ruins.

An Egyptian guide I met talked so much about the war in their neighboring country, Iraq.

He repeatedly said to our tour group that the US started the war because they wanted oil, not to provide democracy. He was so emotional about that. I've seen very few American tourists visiting there. I understood why.

I recommend Americans not visit there nowadays although the pyramids and ruins were magnificient.   

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04 June 2005

My first time trip to USA, 16 years ago

That's me 16 years ago. I was on the Hollywood billboard near the famous Chinese Theatre.

I went to the Southern California on vacation by the homestay program. I stayed with one American family for 2 weeks. It was wonderful experience. I remember they took me to a shooting range. It was my first experience of shooting. I was a teenager at that time. Then after I graduated from high school, I went to the university in Northern California.

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11 April 2005

China was splendid!

I am now just back from China. I visited Beijing and its neighboring cities.

Beijing was beautiful. I visited Forbidden city where last emperor lived, The great wall that was built thousands of years ago. I saw cute pandas.

Chinese people were so kind to me. I could never imagine in the past the two nations fought each other.

What was surprising to me is although China is known as communist nation, there were many capitalistic American things in the city. I saw KFC, McDonald, and HBO.

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