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09 January 2008

Dear Australians: Japan's Whaling Issue

Maybe not only for Australians, but for Canadians, Americans, Britons and other Caucasion dominated countries except Norweigians and Icelandish.

I've just heard the news this You Tube site attracted enormous attention from Japanese and Australians.

Australian patrol ships were dispatched to watch Japan's whaling in the Antarctic sea.

The video featured how racist Australia's anti-whaling policy is. Kind of radical and provocative.

The scenes of Australians killing Dingos and kangaroos are included.

I don't know which part of it is true and not.

People here in Japan are so concerned that western nations' anti-whaling movement comes from the notion that whales are cute animals rather than endangerness of the whales. Not environmental, more of political and cultural.

Anti-whaling activisits should insist that their act is solely based on endangerness of the species. They seem very emotional, and forcing their own values on others. I hate Green Peace in that sense.

When I was in U.S., some criticized Japan's whaling but none of them say eating whalemeat is barbaric. I remember one American driving instructor said "I want to try if I can." I ate some whale meat when I was small. It was not so delicious but I don't care if others like to eat. You can eat anything you want except humans on the earth.

We eat beef, pork, lambs and so on. They are all cute. Since we conqure the earth, we've got the rights to eat them.

But in one point other than the endangerness issue, I think Japan should refrain from hunting whales in Antarctic Sea. That is sending fishery boats to far, far to the south harms environment because it wastes so much fuel gas. Japanese traditional whale hunting has been done on the coasting areas of the islands.

This Japanese article has the photo of dismantling of the whales hunted from the coastal sea area. The whale is not what is classified as "endangered species" by IWC. We have the right to hunt minke whales, which IWC classified as "endangered" within our territorital seas. Inuits in Alaska, hunt endangered whale species and it is permitted by US government and IWC. But I think that is OK to do. It is their native culture and what they do is within their territorial sea.  

15 October 2007

TV Mini-Series "Roots" reminds me of Black Studies course

I rented DVD of the old time TV Mini-Series "Roots." It was aired in 1977. The story is based on Alex Hailey's novel. He wrote the story of generations of his family going back to late 18th century when an African tribe boy, Kunta Kinte was born. Kunta Kinte was captured by slave merchants and transported to America.


He was sold as slave to the plantation owner. He tried to escape but in vain. Then he left an offspring. Generation after generation, a story of Kunta Kinte was succeeded to an author, Alex Hailey. Between Kunta Kinte and Hailey, the family experienced enormous oppression by American society.


More than 10 years ago, when I was a college student, I took the course titled "Black Studies." It was very interesting course, the most interesting of all I took in my college days. A Black woman was an instructor. The below is what I learned.


1. Anything what you learn outside Black Studies is white studies.

2. Whenever you type "black", you have to capitalize the first letter "B." Don't care about "white."

3. U.S. doesn't want to provide Black people good education. Even the schools are integrated, the school districts are divided by racial residential areas. In the slavery time, it was illegal to teach Blacks how to read. It is easier for whites to control Black people when Blacks are uneducated.

4. Founding fathers, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were hypocrats because they owned slaves.

5. Christianity is not good religion because churches supported the slavery in the South, and didn't even treat Blacks better than other people.

6. IQ tests are culturally biased towards East coast white people. That is why Black students scored less than white students. IQ tests cannot be a good tool to measure one's intelligence. When someone talks about intelligence, ask him or her what the definition of it. In fact, there is no such thing. Very ambiguous.

7. Whites may be fearful of Black people because they do not want to know they are inferior to Blacks in terms of intelligence and human body conditions.

8. According to the Cress Theory, the anscestors of whites were albinos of Africans who later migrated to Europe.

9. In the past, it was believed that first man on earth was born in Europe, not in Africa because they did not admit Africans were the anscestors of whites. Now they say whites are advanced creatures of Africans. They twisted the theory not to give up their supremacy.


Her lectures were very radical so she had been criticized even by African students in class. I did not agree with all of what she taught. But I learned very important things. I learned how to counter ridiculous things in the world, how to overcome oppressions. Everyone is biased and everything in the world is political. Nothing is neutral, even in the academics.


Thanks for Black Studies, I survived in this hell.

12 February 2007

Blond and blue or green eyes teacher Wanted

According to the Kyodo Press in Japan, English conversation teaching school in Kofu city of Yamanashi Prefecture posted the ad that recruits an English teacher on the bulletin board in public facility managed by Yamanashi International Association. The condition of the applicant was limited to blond hair with blue or green eyes. American Japanese person protested against the association. The facility apologized for this, saying they lacked the consideration.

 What do you think about that?  

 Well, for us typical foreigner is Blond and blue or green eyes, so that English schools like to hire people with such features. Yes, it is racist. But blond and blue eyes are what we are longing for.

I always wanted to be like Brad Pitt.

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15 February 2006

"Guess who" Today's version of interracial marriage

This movie was a kind of remake of 1960's movie "Guess who's coming to dinner?".

But this movie is a comedy and the story takes place today's America. In the old movie white person is a woman, this time it was a man. I've heard the things got much better these days.

I remember 10 years ago, when I lived in US, I saw some interracial couples. I know a Japanese friend who married American guy who is white. But black and white was rarely seen.

Although the story was comedy, it tells how difficult black and white marriage still is.

In NBC show "The West Wing" a young Black man called Charlie became a boyfriend of the President Bartlet's daughter. But as that show describes, interracial marriage is still some issue in US. Charlie became the scapegoat for white supremacist group.

Racism still is. But the society should encourage the interracial marriage. It is a good thing.

Such marriage not only represents the love between two people but also the unity of different races.

Of course it is not comfortable for the couple to be symbol of the social reform but they would contribute to the society anyway.

I remember when I was in China last spring, I fell in love with a Chinese woman. I thought if I could marry her, this might some way help repair the worsened relationship between the two nations.

Let's get over the differences.

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