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12 February 2007

Blond and blue or green eyes teacher Wanted

According to the Kyodo Press in Japan, English conversation teaching school in Kofu city of Yamanashi Prefecture posted the ad that recruits an English teacher on the bulletin board in public facility managed by Yamanashi International Association. The condition of the applicant was limited to blond hair with blue or green eyes. American Japanese person protested against the association. The facility apologized for this, saying they lacked the consideration.

 What do you think about that?  

 Well, for us typical foreigner is Blond and blue or green eyes, so that English schools like to hire people with such features. Yes, it is racist. But blond and blue eyes are what we are longing for.

I always wanted to be like Brad Pitt.

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15 February 2006

"Guess who" Today's version of interracial marriage

This movie was a kind of remake of 1960's movie "Guess who's coming to dinner?".

But this movie is a comedy and the story takes place today's America. In the old movie white person is a woman, this time it was a man. I've heard the things got much better these days.

I remember 10 years ago, when I lived in US, I saw some interracial couples. I know a Japanese friend who married American guy who is white. But black and white was rarely seen.

Although the story was comedy, it tells how difficult black and white marriage still is.

In NBC show "The West Wing" a young Black man called Charlie became a boyfriend of the President Bartlet's daughter. But as that show describes, interracial marriage is still some issue in US. Charlie became the scapegoat for white supremacist group.

Racism still is. But the society should encourage the interracial marriage. It is a good thing.

Such marriage not only represents the love between two people but also the unity of different races.

Of course it is not comfortable for the couple to be symbol of the social reform but they would contribute to the society anyway.

I remember when I was in China last spring, I fell in love with a Chinese woman. I thought if I could marry her, this might some way help repair the worsened relationship between the two nations.

Let's get over the differences.

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06 March 2005

Guess, who's coming to dinner? (1967)

Have you seen the movie "Guess who's coming to dinner?"

I saw it last week on TV. The story is one woman took her fiance to her home. Her family were rich and liberal. The problem was her fiance was Afro-American. Sidney Poitier acted as the fiance. Katherin Hepburn was mother of the woman.

Although her parents were liberal and not racist, they were shocked. They were not prejudiced against the fiance but they were worried about hardship the couple and their prospected grandchildren would face.

Finally, the parents approved their marriage. The father (acted by Spencer Tracy) said, "The worst thing is knowing what you are, knowing what you feel about each other, you didn't get married."

I liked the movie a lot. The story took place almost 40 years ago, but it seems interracial marriage is still difficult in US, especially between Black and white. When I was studying in US, 90's, it was very rare to see Black and white couple. Asian and white couples were seen so often.

I've heard prejudice against Afro-Americans does not come only from skin color difference but also historical and cultural aspects. But there are many Americans who are breaking such barriers to change the society better. I think that is one of the good things about America.

How would you react if your child or brother or sister introduces you his or her fiance who happens to have different skin color?

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